Viral Halal Circular Croissants and Other French-Inspired Japanese Pastries in Singapore

If you’ve seen the new croon baking craze, which has taken the TikTok world by storm, and you’ve been itching to get your hands on it ever since, we have great news for you: now you can get HALAL versions of this new bakery-café, GAMO 🥳
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For the uninitiated, croons are crescent shaped to look like a full moon. Named after its circular shape, these crescent moons feature cream fillings encased in buttery puff pastry. It was first seen at Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, a French bakery in New York! Other bakeries in Singapore created their own take on the decadent trend, but it wasn’t halal, but now at GAMO YOU CAN 🤩

GAMO has come up with 2 unique flavors – Kaya and Black Sesame! First of all, the Kaya Croun pays homage to a classic local favorite with a twist! Imagine the sweet, rich flavors of the kaya as well as the crispy puff pastry swirling around in your mouth; no wonder we love our kaya so much 😍 Their Black Sesame Croon is also a popular choice among customers, who rave about the warm, nutty flavor of black sesame 🤤 However, all good things like these come in small portions – they only do about 30 pieces every saturday and sundayso get there early to get yours!

There are also other croissants that will satisfy any baking lover. If you like it salty, the Kani crab mentai croissant should be at the top of your list? The flaky croissant is thick with generous helpings of mentaiko sauce and strips of kani (imitation crabmeat). Seaweed is sprinkled all over for the added umami taste. Yes yesit really sounds oishi! 😋

For something a little fruitier but still heavenly, don’t leave without trying the Strawberry Guava Mochi Pie. The pie comes with strawberry guava curd made from the best seasonal Japanese strawberries, topped with strawberry caramel and homemade milk mochi! Pleasantly sweet and irresistibly fluffy – enough said 🤤 Since tickets to Japan are on the roof right now, maybe this could give you a slice of the country you miss so much 😭 For drinks, you can expect your classics of coffee such as Matcha Latte, White Coffee and more! Here is more good news: this F1 weekend (September 30 – October 2), they will extend their opening hours until 8 p.m. 🥳

GAMO is truly a rarity in Singapore, being one of the few halal bakery-cafés that serves Japanese/French inspired desserts! It’s time to clear all your weekend plans and get in line early for those gorgeous croons – your boss/partner/mom/kids should wait 🤭
Halal status: Muslim owned (waiting for Halal certification)
Address: Bras Basah Complex, 01-75, Singapore 180231
Opening hours: Tue-Sun (1pm-6pm); closed on Mondays
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