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Casey Richardson

If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, come check out Penticton Main Street’s newest addition – a chocolate, French patisserie and cafe. And the secret to these treats is that they are all completely vegan.

David Mullner and Celine Nativel have been creating low-sugar vegan chocolates for three years, but decided to move their local business downtown to invite more pedestrians.

“Now what’s new here is puff pastry and we’ll do little desserts, individual desserts too,” Mullner said.

“French pastries, very chic and elegant. We will try to unleash our creativity, so it is a big challenge,” Nativel added.

A big goal for both chefs is to create treats that have the same strong flavors and candy quality that you would get from any non-vegan treat.

“So people don’t even know it’s vegan. If we don’t achieve this goal for us, the recipe is not good. We only focus on that,” says Nativel. “A lot of people think vegan things aren’t tasty, they’re not really interesting and we’d like to show people that’s not always the case.”

“Most of our customers are not vegan, they just come because they find a taste here that they cannot find elsewhere.”

In addition to the vegan focus, the shop has also tried to use as many local ingredients as possible, supporting Okanagan farmers and producers.

“We try to support the community and we hope people will support us as well. If they come here they will not only support us, they will support all the partners we have in the valley,” Nativel said.

Although the couple had very different careers in France before coming to Canada, Nativel previously working as a psychologist and David as a physiotherapist, the two have always shared their homemade products with friends and family.

“We still cook or bake French pastries, so for me that’s normal, but it’s exciting to now share the flavors with others,” Mullner said.

Now Maison Mulnati is right next to Castanet’s office in Penticton, which might be a little dangerous for our staff to have sweets so close.

La Maison Mulnatil is located at 221, rue Principale and for more information, visit their website here.


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