Treat yourself to the best coffees and pastries in these cafes in France



Order a freshly baked pastry and sip one of the best coffees in France at these chic cafes.

France is home to countless cafes that serve the tastiest pastries, espressos, bread and cheese. Anyone visiting the country’s capital, Paris, for a vacation should stop by its unique cafes throughout the day. With millions of people flocking to France each year for inspiration and creativity, much of these qualities can be found in cafes across the country. Here are the best French cafes to see in the capital of France, Paris.

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ten The Belleville fountain

La Fontaine de Belleville was restored by the founders of the Brûlerie de Belleville. They took care to preserve the unique ceilings, paintings and towering mirrors of this 1920s restaurant throughout the process. In addition, Maison Gratti rattan chairs and hand-painted tables have been set up. Those visiting La Fontaine de Belleville must order filter coffee, a boiled egg and a toast. This unique Parisian café is located at 31-33 Rue Juliette Dodu, 10e.

9 Coffee republic

People visiting this cafe in Paris will be amazed by its wonderful instagrammable interior. The latter features charming Parisian furniture, mirrored ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, white tiled walls and flowers in the center of the tables. Republic of Coffee serves delicious filter coffee best when ordered with a cookie, pumpkin bread, or cheesecake. Freshly baked bakery and filter coffee are the dishes to order at République of Coffee. The café is located at 2 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 10e.

8 ten beautiful

Off the funky Canal Saint-Martin, people can find the iconic Ten Belles cafe with a storefront decorated with herbs and plants. Also, the cafe is usually crowded and people will likely have to queue outside. As for food, it is prepared by Le Bal Café. The latter serves the most delicious food and wine in Paris. When you visit Ten Belles in Paris, it is worth ordering some delicious baked goods and a coffee blend for the guests. Ten Belles is located at 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 10th.

seven Cravan

This cafe is unique because it turns into a cocktail bar at night. In the 16 in Paris, the elegant Cravan is hiding in a hidden corner of the street. In addition, due to the originality of its design and decoration, Cravan is today labeled a protected historic site. People visiting this cafe must order a coffee from the Hexagone roast. Plus, the yogurt and fruit granola tastes magical. Cravan is located at 17 Rue Jean de la Fontaine, 16th.

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6 Cafe Du Coin

Le Café du Coin boasts a relaxed atmosphere and classic décor, combined with a unique seasonal menu. The cafe opens from early morning until evening, allowing visitors to eat and drink as they please. The three-course lunch menu at € 19 is a must with a refreshing glass of wine. In addition, it is recommended that people try the homemade cheese pizzette at Café du Coin. The latter can be located at 9 Rue Camille Desmoulins, 11e.

5 Marlette coffee

The Coutume coffee served at Café Marlette is to die for. Plus, a visit will never be complete without trying their freshly prepared organic dishes. Café Marlette opens from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is famous for its delicious Prince de Paris and Comté ham. In addition, the prestigious Fromagerie Beillevaire is the source of dairy products for Café Marlette. It is also worth trying the homemade cakes when visiting this cafe, their filter coffee and almond financier. Café Marlette is located at 51, rue des Martyrs.

4 Mirabelle coffee

Home to mish-mash vintage furniture, a pretty cake stand and a quaint fireplace, Café Mirabelle is a perfect place in Paris. It opens at 8:00 am for those who wish to feast on a cup of tea and a gianduja brioche. In addition, it is recommended to try De Thé En Thé teas and enjoy the unique brunch at Café Mirabelle for € 29. The café is located at 16 Rue la Vacquerie, 11th.

3 Fringe

This scandi-chic joint is the perfect place for artists to paint on the walls and display their work. Jeff Hargrove is the owner of Fringe, a coffee lover and a photographer. The cafe is known for its unique Kenyan espresso with a fruity and chocolatey aroma. Plus, Fringe’s traditional Danish open sandwich is a staple. This original café can be found at 106 Rue de Turenne, 3e.

2 Cafe Otto

The trained chefs of Rose Bakery run Café Otto in the 18th district of Paris. This is where you can find excellent brunch and Franco-British classics. Additionally, Café Otto was once a cabaret but is now airy and chic. The in-cafe system is first come, first served, and no reservations are necessary. That’s why one can head to the top-notch exhibitions at BAL or come to the café early, especially on weekends. Café Otto is located at 6 Impasse de la Défense, 18th district.

1 Café de Flore

Celebrities and tourists alike visit the historic Café de Flore in Paris, tasting delicious classic hot chocolate. The latter is made with warming cocoa without additional cream or fancy twists and costs € 7. The Café de Flore is located at 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 6e.

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