Today homemade strawberry pastries everyone will enjoy after eating


If you like to eat sweets, you can make strawberry pastries at home. Today you can make this pastry at home. It’s easy to make and you’ll enjoy eating it. Let’s know how to make strawberry pastries.

Ingredients for making strawberry pastries-
Strawberries = 8 to 10
Cold whipped cream = 3/4 cup
Condensed milk = 2 tablespoons
Sugar = 4 tablespoons
Slices of T-cake = as needed
Milk = as needed
Cherry = as needed
Red food coloring = 2 drops

Method of Making Strawberry Dough – Make a strawberry dessert, first make a strawberry purée. After that, pour the strawberries and sugar into a blender bowl, add 2 tablespoons of water to grind them, make a fine puree and keep them in the bowl. Now you keep the whipping cream in a whisk and put the cold whipping cream in a bowl and beat it with the cream beater until the stiff peak comes. When you see the cream foaming and double the previous amount, your cream has been whipped. After that, add the condensed milk to the whipped cream and mix with the spatula.

After that, add half of the mash to the cream you prepared and mix. (Set aside half of the strawberry puree to add later) Then add the red food coloring to the cream and mix. Now prepare a dessert. Now you take a 6 inch glass dish and if you don’t have a 6 inch dish, if you have a bigger dish than that then you can also take that and now put a layer of cake in the dish keeping the slices of tea cake one by one. Then to moisten the cake, pour the milk over all the cakes using a spoon. (Don’t pour all the milk well so all the cakes get wet) Now take the remaining strawberry puree on the cake and put it on top of the cake and spread it using a pellet knife and now put more or less whipped cream on it according to your trial and apply the thick layer while spreading with a pellet knife.

After that, to apply the second layer of dessert, put the tea cake one by one on the cream and apply the other layer then moisten the cake with milk and spread the rest of the strawberry puree then add the whipped cream and spread -her well. So that the upper layer of the desert becomes flat. Now finally put the rest of the whipped cream in the piping bag and put the star tip in the piping bag and make the design on top of the dessert, then put the icing on it. After that, keep the dessert in the fridge for half an hour, and after half an hour, take the dessert out of the fridge and cut it into pieces from the knife and serve.

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