This Filipino lady makes authentic Filipino pastries that are sweet, chewy and super delicious



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Originally from the Philippines, Micah Bulatao loves to cook and cook, and his Malaysian family and friends are more than happy to take care of eating.

Her Malaysian husband brought her his kitchen to work to share with his colleagues and boss. They loved the food so much that they convinced Micah to open a small food business specializing in his native cuisine.

Thanks to the encouragement, she started La Comida in September 2020. La Comida means “food” in Spanish, and the simple name reflects its simple and authentic Filipino food offerings.

As there are a lot of home bakers in Malaysia and most of them sell ‘kuih’, I thought about doing something different to share with Malaysians!

Micah Bulatao at TRP

Soft, sweet, savory breads

Filipino cuisine as a whole tends to bring together contrasting flavors, and so do their pastries.

One of Micah’s bestsellers is Filipino Cheese Streusel Bread. The chewy, chewy bread is both sweet and savory, made with butter and sugar, then topped with a lightly salty, crumbly cheese for a flavorful kick.

Left: Spanish bread, right: cheese bread. Micah’s best-selling pastries are quite different from regular Malaysian breads.
(Credit: Micah Bulatao / La Comida)

The recipe is authentically Pinoy, made exactly as she remembers in the Philippines.

Being in quarantine, I had time to try and do it on my own. I wanted to make it taste as close to home as possible, so I worked hard to achieve the authenticity of a homemade Filipino bread that I was looking for – soft, chewy and freshly baked.

Micah Bulatao at TRP

She also creates other more familiar desserts, all made from scratch, such as mini cheesecakes in different flavors like salted caramel, Oreo, blueberry, and lemon curd. Micah also keeps in mind that most Malaysians don’t like overly sweet desserts, and his desserts reflect that.

Left: mini Oreo cheesecakes and right: mini blueberry cheesecakes.
(Credit: Micah Bulatao / La Comida)

A taste of the Philippines

Micah started craving Filipino pastries during MCO, but she couldn’t find a satisfying bakery. The taste of Malaysian pastries is very different from that of Filipino baked goods.

Left: ube Pan de Sal, yam rolls and right: banana and pecan coffee sandwich bread.
(Credit: Micah Bulatao / La Comida)

It was kind of like when she first arrived in Malaysia in 2013 and was looking for Filipino comfort food: there wasn’t much to choose from and in the end, she just cooked her own Filipino dishes with it. recipes she copied from home.

Growing up, I usually stay in the kitchen and help my grandmother with the cooking. From there, I developed my love for cooking.

Micah Bulatao at TRP

Now, she delivers an authentic taste of Filipino goodness to those in the Klang Valley, whether it’s chewy pastries, decadent desserts, or iconic Filipino dishes like chicken adobo.

My two personal favorites are the Cheese Bread and the Spanish Bread – these are the ones we usually have upon waking up from an afternoon nap when we were kids, accompanied by a cold black jelly drink called sago ‘. t gulaman.

Micah Bulatao at TRP

She only operates her small kitchen on the weekends, so plan ahead for a weekend treat and treat yourself to a nap at tea time Pinoy style. Read more on La Comida’s Instagram page here.

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