These local pastries lack gluten, but no flavor


EVERETT – The search started with a phone call and almost ended in my car as I gulped down a large gluten-free scone, the best on-the-go breakfast I’ve had in Snohomish County since arriving three months ago.

But I had work to do, so instead of ordering two more scones, I headed to my next destination.

For context, a reader called the day before asking if I knew of any local businesses that sold gluten-free bread.

Bingo. I have now had a food adventure (and a story).

Not just any gluten-free bread, the reader warned: Her daughter had egg and dairy allergies. And she wanted a good hamburger bun.

The mission seemed simple enough. Then I hopped on Google and quickly learned that gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless bread is extremely hard to find. Plus, I wanted it to be local (I know, I’m picky.)

Challenge accepted. A reader’s request led me to a bright and airy gluten-free bakery in downtown Snohomish, a market outside the county, a bakery in Mountlake Terrace, and finally (finally!) a cafe in Everett that offers local, gluten-free and vegan products. breads.

By the way, as someone who loves gluten (I have King Arthur all-purpose flour in my pantry at all times, and my baking portfolio includes sourdough bread, babka, cinnamon, 100 gram chocolate chip cookies…the list goes on), I didn’t miss anything on this adventure.

Grain Artisan Bakery opened as a brick and mortar in Snohomish during the pandemic and offers a wide range of gluten-free baked goods. (Taylor Goebel / The Herald)

Artisanal grain bakery

717 1st Street, Snohomish

(360) 799-6822

If you’re looking for honest, gluten-free pastries, cookies, and cakes, Grain Artisan Bakery is your place.

If you are gluten free and just want delicious baked goods, Grain Artisan Bakery is your place.

You’ll find a range of cookies, cupcakes, scones, macaroons, rolls, homemade pastries (like their pies, including a vegan vegetable curry) and pre-order items like wedding cakes. In addition to being completely gluten-free (Grain is in the process of becoming a certified gluten-free facility), the bakery also offers vegan, paleo, and keto options.

I stopped in for breakfast and grabbed a spicy sweet potato and feta scone (they have a rotating selection of savory and sweet flavors).

Late afternoon, I was still thinking about that scone. It was perfectly crumbly, moist, salty and buttery.

Cardamom Ginger Molasses Cookie at Grain Artisan Bakery.  (Taylor Goebel / The Herald)

Cardamom Ginger Molasses Cookie at Grain Artisan Bakery. (Taylor Goebel / The Herald)

I also ordered Grain’s best-selling ginger molasses and cardamom cookie sandwich. It’s a dreamy dessert: moist, vibrant and not too sweet, with a vanilla cream cheese filling and a crunchy sugar exterior.

Snohomish Bakery sources most of its ingredients locally, including its main flour blend from Kent-based Manini’s. Their ingredients are also sustainably grown to organic standards and are fairly traded.

Owner and founder Lauren Anderson launched her business at farmers’ markets before turning it into brick-and-mortar during the pandemic. She’s been busy ever since.

Alas, Grain didn’t have the bread I was looking for, but a wonderful barista recommended a few nearby businesses, so I left.

J-Bros Gluten-Free Market, located in Woodinville, is worth leaving Snohomish County for its variety of gluten-free products, including bread, beer, cookie dough, noodles and more.  (Taylor Goebel / The Herald)

J-Bros Gluten-Free Market, located in Woodinville, is worth leaving Snohomish County for its variety of gluten-free products, including bread, beer, cookie dough, noodles and more. (Taylor Goebel / The Herald)

J-Bros Gluten Free Market

17606 Woodinville Snohomish Road, Woodinville

(425) 892-8677

J-Bros may not be in Snohomish County, but it’s a dedicated gluten-free facility and just 20-30 minutes south of Everett.

Woodinville Grocery has an entire aisle dedicated to gluten-free bread, as well as frozen artisan breads from 5B’s Bakery in Concrete. J-Bros also offers gluten-free beer, cookie dough, desserts, pasta and more.

For my gluten-free burger experience, I picked up vegan millet and chia buns from Little Northern Bakehouse in BC.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from these frozen buns, so I was surprised at how soft, chewy and spongy they were. The bun held up well when I loaded it with a Beyond burger, jammy caramelized balsamic onions, seared halloumi cheese, and fig jam.

Tip from Everett: You can find Little Northern Bakehouse buns at Sno-Isle Food Co-Op. The Everett Market offers a selection of other gluten-free breads like sourdough breads, sandwiches, and rolls.

Good choices bakery

Mountlake Terrace

Alison Schweitzer went gluten-free and vegan a few years ago alongside her husband, who is gluten intolerant. When the pandemic hit, she joined the sourdough craze and found a plant-based recipe that yielded delicious bread with a crispy crust and a soft, appetizing crumb.

Soon family and friends were asking for the bread and encouraging Schweitzer to start a business on the side. The Good Choices bakery was born.

“It’s really hard to find good bread that’s gluten-free, let alone gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free — all of that,” Schweitzer said. “My motive was to give others with dietary restrictions opportunities for delicious food.”

His bread can be ordered from the Good Choices Bakery website. Schweitzer delivers its sourdough breads and rolls to the Seattle area and offers pickup options for those outside of its delivery area.

Customers have described her bread as “hearty, rustic and delicious” and “for anyone who loves baked goods.”

Catalyst Coffee

1513 23rd Street, Everett

(425) 212-9364

One of the many wonderful things about Catalyst Cafe is that there is no upcharge for gluten-free or plant-based substitutions.

Another nice feature: this local coffee shop offers a selection of pastries and breads from Mount Vernon-based Shambala Ancient Grain Bakery & Bistro, meaning you don’t have to make the 45-minute drive for produce. locally made vegan bakery items.

From Shambala’s “best milk” bagels and cookies to pesto rolls and cinnamon rolls with coconut frosting, you’ll find a solid breakfast and snack option at Catalyst.

Did I mention you can order Shambala items through Catalyst and pick them up directly from Everett? This includes their Sunshine buns, which are perfect for burgers and are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and locally made.

Mission accomplished, dear reader.

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