The Farm Bakery & Café Rocks Stellar Pastries


Farm Bakery & Café co-owner Rolo Igno started working in restaurants at a young age before joining the military. Next, Igno moved into law enforcement and executive protection, which provides security for wealthy clients. But when he and his wife were offered ownership of the Farm Bakery & Café, they jumped at the chance. Igno would have more time with his family and something to pass on to his children. It’s also a way for him to give back to the community he loves, in a way very different from his years in law enforcement.
He says the farm prides itself on customer service and has a warm atmosphere. The “crown jewel” of the menu is the fruit pie with a shortbread/graham cracker crust, with a house blend of sweet cream cheeses and an assortment of artfully arranged fruits. Their extensive breakfast and lunch menus offer a variety of pastries and coffee and espresso drinks.
The hours are daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (5 p.m. Thursday to Saturday). Igno explained what sets their Fruit Pie apart and how his journey prepared him to become a restaurateur.

Why are fruit pies so popular?

ROLO IGNO: We’re known for them, and they really are our flagship offering. It is not just their appearance, but their taste that sets them apart. People have grown up eating our pies, they are very popular and people often have them at their weddings, birthdays and other special occasions instead of a traditional cake. People come from all over the state just to get them, from places like the Central Valley and Sacramento, and even Santa Barbara.

How are your previous careers helping you now?

My background in law enforcement and executive protection has given me the ability to anticipate what others will need and deliver it to them. This, combined with my military background, has helped me become more flexible and better understand the needs of others. I have worn many hats; I thrive in environments where no two working days are the same. My background has also made me detail oriented and able to work well in high stress situations, which certainly helps in the restaurant industry.

The Farm Bakery and Cafe, 6790 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 831-684-0266;


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