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When it comes to food cravings, are baked goods ever insufficient? From baseball-sized cookies and gooey brownies to decadent cakes and unique pies, it’s hard not to be happy in the presence of freshly baked goodies. Especially when they are all wrapped up and festive. Make everyone smile this year with one of these high quality baking options. Enough to share for the whole party, here are our top picks of baked goodies.

Make me a wish | Amazing bakery tour

This huge tower of baked goodies is stacked with everything a Christmas party needs. This gift tower comes with a 4 inch Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake; 20 gourmet cookies featuring chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, Snickerdoodle, buttered pecans and ginger molasses; Six gourmet brownies, including velvety ganache, nutty fondant, peanut butter chips, cheesecake, raspberry breadcrumbs and lemon blondie; 20 hazelnut chocolates coated with gold leaf and a delicious brownie cake coated with triple chocolate. Good to know? Through the BMAW Cares program, 5% of all purchases are made to charities and the causes they support. They will be sending Christmas gifts to hospitals and public schools for veterans throughout the Christmas season. This will be the gift that continues to deliver this holiday season!

To buy: Amazing bakery tour, $ 125

Wolferman Bakery | Luxury Bakery Banquet Tower

Who doesn’t love freshly baked goodies in the morning? This tower is packed with favorites such as a variety of their super thick, traditional and mini English muffins and English muffin bread; cinnamon buns and frosting packets; gourmet cakes like chocolate swirl and lemon raspberry cake; pastries, including baklava and scones; and even coffee. Fruity blueberry and strawberry jams are included to spread on baked treats. This tower is the only thing you need for an epic vacation brunch.

To buy: Luxury Bakery Banquet Tower, $ 99.99

Harry and David | Bakery Tray – Ultimate

If you are craving baked goods and decadent goodies, this basket is for you. This incredible assortment of baked goods includes desserts like New York style cheesecake, apple bread, honey baklava, an assortment of cookies including raspberry patties, double chocolate cherry cookies and cookies. with macadamia nut chocolate chips. In addition, there are several cakes such as the cinnamon swirl and the chocolate decadence cake. This impressive selection is packaged in a decorative pine wood tray, perfect for lodging.

To buy: Bakery Tray – Ultimate, $ 139.99

Cheryl’s Cookies | Merry Christmas traditional gift tin tower

If that doesn’t sound like happy holidays, I don’t know what does. This super festive tower is filled with all kinds of colorful cookies, especially soft and frosty. Inside are a selection of buttercream iced cookies in flavors including gingerbread, mint chocolate and peppermint; traditional cookies that include oatmeal raisins, rocky pecans and sugar; Chocolate coated oreos and more. There are even fun-sized cutout cookies, perfect for sharing.

To buy: Merry Christmas traditional gift tin tower, $ 59.99

Olivieri 1882 | panettone

Celebrate the holidays with the ultimate Christmas treat: panettone! Olivieri 1882 is a 6th generation family pasticceria known for its traditional handmade and artisan panettone cakes. Made with fine ingredients like hand-chopped candied oranges, Tahitian Bourbon vanilla and natural sourdough, this dough goes through a double fermentation of 48 hours and is preservative-free. From classico panettone to new flavor combinations like peach and amaretto chocolate, sour cherry and apple and cinnamon raisins, these are the perfect soft, cloudy breads to offer this season.

To buy: Classic panettone, $ 75

Sourdough Bakery | Signature cookie assortment gift boxes

For the cookie lover in your life, give the gift of ultra-decadent Levain cookies. All of New York’s Levain Bakery cookies are baked in small batches daily and packed by hand. Rich, thick and indulgent, these cookies have achieved cult classic status in the city. Levain Bakery’s Classic Cookie Assortment includes the four original cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip Nut, Dark Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal and Raisins. Each gift box contains four, eight or 12 six-ounce cookies that are baked to order, wrapped in delicate cellophane bags with hand-tied blue ribbons.

To buy: Signature cookie assortment gift boxes, $ 4/27; $ 8/49; 12/68 $

Pipeline Bakery & Creamery | Best of the pipeline gift box

Founded in 2016, Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery has made a name for itself with its famous Malasadas declared “The Gold Standard of Malasadas” by Eater; Giant Monster Cookies; and their trademark Cake Bombs â„¢. Cake Bomb flavors include lemon , strawberry and guava., chocolate hazelnut and cereal, which is a fruity pebble cake with a fruity pebble frosting. The cookies include their bestselling Avery & Molly which is a cream cookie with brownies and marshmallows and a whole Oreo in the middle and the M&M monster with chips and marshmallows. Malasadas range from classic and chocolate to lihing, which includes salted dried plum sugar and coffee. Taste Hawaii with this gift set!

To buy: Best of the pipeline gift box, $ 99.00

Milk Bar | The gift box

Christina Tosi’s candy empire, Milk Bar, offers the most indulgent, delicious and nostalgic pastries. You can’t go wrong gifting this Milk Pie Set, which is their signature pie that has the most addicting sticky, buttery, sweet-salty filling in a hearty oatmeal cookie crust, and their pretzel pan. with seasonal peppermint, which is one. of their best-selling treats. Inside these cookies are pretzels, peppermint, caramel and chocolate, on a crispy dark chocolate wafer, which is then dipped in silky white chocolate peppermint rind.

To buy: Gift set, $ 78.00


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