The bagel shop mixes baked goods creatively


When Christine Moley started Greenwood Lake Bagels and Bakery five years ago, she needed a strong professional who could prepare and produce the wide variety of specialty baked goods she envisioned. And that’s when she met Heather Bradford, the Laker Baker.

Heather started out as a single mom trying to pay the bills. “I discovered I had a knack for baking,” she said, “and when I walked into Christine’s shop five years ago with a blueberry-avocado muffin, I asked her if she wanted to try a bite and wear my products, and she hired me on the spot!

What gets Heather’s creative juices flowing, however, is that she’s always on the lookout for new variations on a theme, like her devilish cupcake inspired by a collaboration with nearby vendor Cowboy Coffee at Springbrook Farm. Distillery, made with vanilla beans from Madagascar, locally roasted cold brew coffee from Kru Coffee of Saratoga Springs, New York and unprocessed Adirondack spring water. “I took my base recipe and changed a few things, then added Cowboy coffee,” Heather said, “then added creamy vanilla frosting vodka.”

Greenwood Lake Bagels and Bakery [https://] makes braided buns, challah bread, homemade bagel chips, scratch pies (fruit, cream, custard), savory pies (which incorporate Guinness stout), coffee cakes and more Again. Their deli department can also prepare and deliver freshly made sandwiches on bagels, breads, rolls and a large selection of salads, straight to a beachgoer’s cover at Waterfront Park or any of the marinas. from Greenwood Lake.

Story and photos provided by Peter Lyons Hall

For more information on the weekly Lakeside Farmers Market, click, or stop by any Saturday between 8 a.m. and noon.

I took my base recipe and changed a few things, then added Cowboy coffee, then added vodka to the creamy vanilla frosting. – Heather Bradford, talks about her devilish cupcakes.


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