Taste the Tradition: Baker Boy, a Dickinson staple, which has supplied baked goods for over half a century


As part of our Taste the Tradition series, we’ve explored the many different flavors that North Dakota has to offer. Next, we visited a must-see in Dickinson town: Baker boy.

Before moving to Dickinson, Baker Boy was opened in 1955 in Hebron by Marvin Moos.

“My dad bought the bakery he worked in in high school before he joined the Navy in WWII,” said Guy Moos, president of Baker Boy.

Baker Boy has continued to evolve over the years. From just three employees to a 6,000 square foot plant in West Dickinson with 300 products to choose from.

“And since that time we’ve grown to 235 employees,” Moos said.

Every day of the week you will find around 100 employees working in the Baker Boy factory creating a variety of baked goods like this French bread from scratch.

“The quality workforce that Southwest North Dakota has always provided to us and I think this is one of the reasons we continue to grow. Our people are conscientious in making great quality products, ”said Moos.

Since most companies were affected during the pandemic, Baker Boy says she took the opportunity to innovate and introduce new products.

“We have launched a line of individually wrapped donuts. We did it because of the pandemic because we had customers. We have had different customers interested in the packaged products. So we are manufacturing, we dug out an old wrapping machine and we started wrapping our already finished donuts, ”said Dustin Monke, Marketing Director of Baker Boy.

Baker Boy supplies products to schools, restaurants and supermarkets from coast to coast.

On average, they see 35 to 40 freezer trucks coming out of Dickinson every week.

Moos says the Dickinson community has been the best home for their business and has been a great supportive person over the years.

When they get the chance, Baker Boy says they give where it’s needed.


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