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The Canna Confections Band stay busy! Canna Confections falls under Halo Infusions, which is also the parent company of brands such as Pure & Simple (infused juices), Cannabliss (medicated snacks), Aunt Ellie’s (those amazing brownies and related baked goods) and Chronic Health (a collection of tinctures and topicals). If you’ve tried any of these products, you know they know a thing or two about cannabis-enhanced edibles.

The latest product from Canna Confections is a 100mg white chocolate bar. It is divided into 10 pieces of 10 mg to facilitate dosing. Keeping the total dose at 100mg means the candy is available to both recreational users and medical card holders.

There is a slight undertone of cannabis in the flavor of the white chocolate. If you think weed goes well with chocolate – the testing department certainly thinks so – you’ll like the taste.

When it comes to effects, 10mg is sure to be an uplifting experience for most cannabis veterans. (If you’re new to edibles, follow the sage advice to “start slow, go slow.” You can always eat a little more if you don’t get the results you want.) The candy bar produces a solid buzz that wear you for a few hours.

At a suggested retail price of $19, that works out to less than two dollars for 10mg, which is a bargain for a quality confection.

Another new addition to the Cannabliss brand from Halo Infusions is a packet of sour gummies. Similar to the chocolate bar, Sour Gummies come in a 100mg pack that includes 10 gummies, each dosed with 10mg of THC.

When they say ‘pleat’, they’re not kidding. These give a burst of sour flavor when they hit your tongue. If this is your thing, you won’t be disappointed. They have a mix of fruit flavors, although sour punch is the dominant taste.

Like the candy bar, these gummies will provide an uplifting experience that will keep you cruising at a decent altitude for a few hours. Made with an “RSO-like ethanol extraction method”, the makers claim the cannabis provides “a wider range of cannabinoids”. We know it delivers, as promised, a solid “cannabliss” experience.


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