Stolen curbside stand in Toronto


A Toronto boy speaks out after the bakery stand he set up on Saturday was robbed.

Some kids sell lemonade, but 10-year-old David Hove decided to sell lemon and cranberry scones outside his Toronto home this weekend. His older sister cooked them and he sold them – his first attempt at entrepreneurship.

“I just thought about it to make money,” Hove told CTV NewsToronto, admitting he was trying to save up to buy an Xbox gaming system.

On Saturday, Hove set up a table and cooler outside his house and, he said, sales were going well.

“I had a lot of clients and most of them gave me advice.”

His sister had also given him advice: not to leave his box unattended. So when nature called and Hove headed inside to use the restroom, he took his cash with him. When he came back outside, everything else was gone.

The entire theft was caught on Hove’s security camera.

In the video, you can see a white SUV pass and then reverse. A man gets out of the vehicle, opens the trunk and starts loading things inside. A table, cooler, even Hove’s water bottle was taken.

“I thought these people were very crazy to take other people’s stuff when they knew it wasn’t their place to take it,” Hove said.

The Hoves say they also don’t believe the thief mistook the items for rubbish because he removed and left behind the handwritten sign advertising scones for sale.

“It hurts my heart to see my kids go through this,” Hove’s father, also named David, told CTV News Toronto. “They take the initiative to do something hard by working for themselves…but it teaches them life lessons.”

In the security video it appears the thief had children in the car – people can be seen peeking out of the backseat window. The elder Hove hopes they too will learn a life lesson.

“When you do such things and your children are there, what lesson do you teach them?”

The Hoves are hoping the items will be returned so young David can set up another booth next weekend in hopes of saving enough money to buy a gaming system.

“It’s not the right thing to do. Please bring these items back and if you do it somewhere else bring them back too.


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