Spooky’s Swirls brings gluten-free baked goods to life


Chris Szydlowski and Lola Forbes weren’t sure when they opened their Chandler storefront that they would have a line wrapped around the mall. They thought the first weekend of summer 2019 was fluke, that a lot of people couldn’t really like their horror themed bakery. But week after week, the duo behind Spooky’s Swirls spend four days preparing the bakery for its weekend opening.

“We had no idea,” Forbes said. “We were hoping to do well, obviously. But it has been so much more than we expected since the moment we opened. It has been incredible. In our first few weeks of opening, we ran out of sugar, flour, everything. We always overestimate how much we think we need something and without fail, by the end of the weekend we’re out of it all.

Szydlowski is able to merge his love of horror, baking, and his impressive collection of props and costumes from movies like “Beetlejuice” into the showcase that also serves as a museum for spooky films over the years. The bakery works for curbside pickup, but Szydlowski and Forbes said they hope to open the storefront and museum for customers soon.

“It’s really special,” Szydlowski said of the ode to the history of cinema. “We want to come back to a place where people can come in and enjoy it too.”

The bakery specializes in gluten-free products, targeting a population that often has difficulty finding desserts.

“We had a little girl who had her birthday cake here awhile ago,” Forbes said. “Her mother said it was the first birthday cake she had since she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She said she kept a specific diary that she wrote in every time she came here: a Spooky’s Swirls diary. Her mother sent us a video of her reading. We were both in tears. That’s why we do what we do. We want to have these experiences all the time. ”


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