Shikorina Patisserie in the Central District brings a whole new level of candy joy



As a child, Hana Yohannes ate a Pop-Tart for breakfast, but the morning frosted pastry comes in a pack of two. Yohannes would store the second Pop-Tart in her backpack, keeping it for her younger brother to enjoy this afternoon when she got home from school.

Skipping a huge handful of years, Yohannes found herself in a different kind of school – the Pastry Project, where she learned how to make homemade Pop-Tarts. Yohannes now makes these and more pastries for her Central District bakery, Shikorina Pastries.

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With an emphasis on using fair trade, organic and local ingredients wherever possible, Yohannes opened Shikorina Pastries to share her love of baked goods with her community.

“Most of my menu is made up of things that I really enjoy and things that make me feel warm,” Yohannes said. “I focus on things that I think are unique and creative that you can’t really get in most other places, but I also make the classics that everyone loves and that really make people smile.”

This includes the phenomenal Shikorina Pastries version of Pop-Tarts. Yohannes offers them in two flavors: strawberry, with its homemade organic strawberry jam, and caramel apple, made with organic apples and a homemade salted caramel sauce.

What else on the menu at Shikorina? Mini pies, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate chip brownies, banana bread and cakes make the bakery the perfect stop for any sweet craving.

Yohannes changes the menu to offer seasonal products and flavors. She just made a batch of organic apple cider that pairs perfectly with apple pie. Over the summer, Yohannes made a campfire version of his classic brownie by topping it with homemade marshmallows, chunks of homemade graham crackers and cups of organic peanut butter.

Growing up, Yohannes enjoyed cooking with her family, but she often used canned mixes. The only treat she always made from scratch was banana bread.

“It’s one of my favorite things to do today, and I still use the original recipe I developed as a kid,” Yohannes said. “Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was able to find the recipe written in an old notebook I had.”

Yohannes is also on a mission to produce as little waste as possible at Shikorina Pastries.

“We are also working to become a zero waste company,” she said. “Currently, we hardly produce any waste. Some days we have zero waste, and other days it’s just butter wrappers. “

Using sustainable practices and fair trade ingredients, Shikorina Pastries puts people before profit. Yohannes said everyone deserves access to high quality ingredients, and Shikorina Pastries is her way of bringing this experience to the community.

Shikorina Pastries is open Tuesdays at 2418 E Union St. in the Seattle Central District. Order online from their website for easy pickup or local delivery.



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