Seattle’s New Shikorina Bakeries Create Safe Community Space in the Central District


At just 23 years old, Hana Yohannes is a first time business owner and her talent for baking speaks for itself. # k5soiree

SEATTLE – It makes sense that Seattle’s new Central District Shikorina bakeries are located inside a house, because what’s for sale inside gives a taste of it.

From cakes and cookies to homemade strawberry pies and banana bread, its baked goods are a reminder of good times.

“When people come in I want them to feel at home and it’s a comfortable and safe space for them and everyone is welcome,” said Hana Yohannes, the founder of the pastry shop.

The name Shikorina is a nod to Hana’s Eretrian heritage. It means sweetness or sweaty heart in the Tigrinya language.

For Hana, baking is personal. It’s a way for her to connect with people and build community.

Indeed, it is through a community space that she takes her first professional steps in pastry making.

She participated in the Pastry Project, a program that offers free training in baking and pastry making to make the industry more accessible.

Hana describes him as a game changer, giving her the tools she needed to take her home baking skills to the next level.

When she was ready to open her own bakery, she sought community support through Go Fund Me and was overwhelmed.

“The community came and supported me. I wasn’t expecting a wave of support. It’s amazing,” Hana shared.

Through her pastry shop, she hopes to bring this same support to her customers and to the community.

“I really want this to be a place where everyone feels welcome. I know it can be difficult to find meeting spaces. They are always welcome,” Hana said.

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