Sauce Magazine – Dough Re Mea sells an assortment of baked goods in the St. Louis area


Dough Re Mea sells an assortment of baked goods in the St. Louis area

Dough Re Mea is a new small-batch bakery owned and operated by Maleah Ingoldsby, who runs the bakery from her home, as reported by the Riverfront Times.

“My husband invented [Dough Re Mea]“said Ingoldsby. “We are a professional aunt and uncle. When [our] first nephew was born, [he] couldn’t say ‘Maleah’ so he called me ‘Mea’.

Ingoldsby started selling baked goods in October 2020 after winning a neighborhood baking contest the previous month. In May 2021, she created Dough Re Mea and has since been selling Dippers, cookie cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods through commission requests on Instagram and Facebook.

“At first it was just friends of friends,” Ingoldsby said. “I met some really nice people, [and] Knock on wood, I’ve never had bad clients. No one asked me any questions, no one paid and everyone is so nice.

Since its inception, Dough Re Mea has amassed a large following, especially for its Dippers. This beloved treat consists of seven mini chocolate chip cookies with frozen buttercream dip, served together in a parfait cup. Customers can purchase Ingoldsby’s Dippers at Rockstar Tacos and Latté Lounge with vanilla or peanut buttercream.

“I’m starting to get people messaging me like, ‘When are you going to restock at the Latte Lounge? ‘” Ingoldsby said. “I didn’t expect it to be such a success.”

Additionally, Dough Re Mea added cake pops to its menu selection less than a month ago, but Ingoldsby has no plans to stop. She hopes to further expand Dough Re Mea’s versatility and customer market by accepting more regular cake orders as she specializes in cookie cakes.

Besides Dough Re Mea, Ingoldsby also has a full-time job in Accounts Payable at Signature Medical Group, where she has worked for nearly 20 years. While some might find juggling the two a daunting task, Ingoldsby relishes the bustle of this one, attributing his success to his organizational skills.

“I don’t think I realized how organized I was,” Ingoldsby said. “I have lists everywhere to make sure [of] what should I do next.

As Dough Re Mea continues to grow in popularity, Ingoldsby can’t wait to see where this journey takes her. An upcoming restaurant asked to stock Dough Re Mea Dippers, and she recently received an influx of individual orders. But even with so many opportunities, Ingoldsby continues to prioritize customer experience above all else, and aims to do so in the future.

“When people like what I do, [it] is so satisfying,” Ingoldsby said. “Making someone happy is what makes me happy.”


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