Rich Products adds new individual desserts to its range


Rich Products has launched OUR SPECIALTY TREATS BOUTIQUE Pizzas and dessert brownie parfaits that will satisfy the sweet tooth of customers looking for individually wrapped treats.

Made with REESE’S and HERSHEY’S candy, Fully Finished Dessert Brownie Pizzas are loaded with familiar ingredients. Les Parfaits, available in strawberry and chocolate, decadent layered cake, frosting and rich filling. These products are fully finished and ready to serve, saving operators time and labor costs, while delivering taste and quality.

“OUR SPECIALTY TREAT SHOP’s irresistible desserts are perfect for operators who want to offer delicious treats, but face limited manpower,” said Janice Larson, Customer Marketing Manager, Rich Products. “These pizzas and dessert brownie parfaits are fully finished, so operators only need to thaw and serve. Rich’s fully finished, individually wrapped options are perfect for inspiring impulse purchases and creating cravings that will keep customers coming back.” .

The four new desserts from OUR SPECIALTY TREAT SHOP are:

  • Peanut Butter Pizza Brownie Dessert – A rich, fudgy brownie base baked with creamy REESE’S Cups and finished with a drizzle of frosting
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie Dessert Pizza – A slice of moist fudge brownie pizza with chunks of HERSHEY’S chocolate chips, topped with a drizzle of ganache and elegant chocolate swirls
  • Chocolate pudding – Layers of chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, and rich chocolate frosting layered for dessert in a 4-ounce mug
  • Strawberry parfait – Layers of vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and naturally flavored strawberry filling layered for dessert in a 5-ounce cup

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