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CIRCLEVILLE – The Bakery and Pumpkin Pie department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Pumpkin Show.

Dawn Meyers and Linda Ballou are the administrators of the department. The committee members are Mona Hollar, Halie Kingery and Renae Loughman.

Grand Champion Cake – Jodi Welsh (Blueberry)

Champion Cake – Camron Priest (Pumpkin Butter Cake)

Grand Champion Pumpkin Pie (Adult Division) – Barb Crist

Champion Pumpkin Pie – Peggy Sorrell

Third Prize Pie – Martha Moore

Fourth Prize Pie – Ally Roberts

Grand Champion Junior Pumpkin Pie (Student Division) – Josiah Hegarty

Junior Champion Pumpkin Pie – Slater Search

Third Prize Pie – Abigail Hegarty

Fourth Prize Pie – * No winner

Class 1. Mini fruit tart (double crust)

Class 2. Mini filled tart (single crust)

Class 3. Mini pumpkin pie

Class 4. Any kind of mini pie (18 years old and under)

Special decorated cakes 1-B

Class 1. The most beautiful decorated cake

Class 2. Decorated cupcakes

Class 3. Decorate for fun

Class 5. Any type of decorated cake (18 years old and under)

Class 1. Chocolate layer cake

Class 3. Yellow layer cake

Class 4. Layered Pumpkin Cake

Class 5. German chocolate cake

Class 8. Any other type of two-tier cake

Class 9. Layered carrot cake

Class 10. Any other type of 1-tier cake

Class 11. Best cupcakes on the plate

Class 1. Best toll house cookies

Class 2. Best oatmeal cookies

Class 3. Best sugar cookies

Class 4. Best Snickerdoodles cookies on a plate

Class 5. Best Peanut Butter Cookies

Class 6. Best brownies on the plate

Class 7. Best plate any other type

Class 8. Best cookies decorated with plates

Class 9. Best cookies at the bar

Class 10. Best no-bake cookies

Section III – Breads and rolls

Class 1. Best Quick bread (any type)

Class 2. Best sandwich bread (all kind yeast)

Class 3. Best clover leaf or pan roll

Class 4. Best plate Any other type of roll

Class 5. Best zucchini bread

Class 6. Best Banana Bread

Class 7. Best Cinnamon Rolls

Classs 8. Best muffins on the plate

Class 1. Best Plate Fudge

Class 2. Best plate any other type

Class 3. Best Peanut Butter Fudge

Section V – Pumpkin Articles

Class 1. Best Pumpkin Roll

Class 2. Best Pumpkin Cookies

Class 3. Best Pumpkin Bread

Class 4. Best Pumpkin Fudge

Class 5. Best Pumpkin Pie Plates

Class 6. Best plate Other type of pumpkin


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