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I remember when I was young when mum took us to the local pastry shop. There we drooled over the buns, cream puffs and all the other delicious cakes that were part of the food display. Mom bought a sponge, brought it home and filled it with other glorious things and we usually had it for Sunday afternoon tea and all the leftovers went to our breakfasts all week (rarely ). READ MORE: Rehearse the police escapee to spend months behind bars participating. WHAT a Métis country we have become. We talk about lifelong allies in forever partnerships while going back on multi-billion dollar deals. We embrace humanitarian values ​​and at the same time treat genuine refugees as aspiring economic asylum seekers. READ MORE: Elderly woman dies after crashing into utility pole. We have become the land of big announcements at the expense of nuance, transparency and accountability. We could and should have handled our relations with China and the United States with a lot more tact and diplomacy and less arrogance and chest thrusts. We could also have bought nuclear submarines from the French in the first place. Empty containers, it seems, really make the most noise. MY son, his partner and our grandson live in Sydney. Before COVID-19, we were traveling until our grandson’s birthday and they were coming down for Christmas / New Years, but we missed the last two years of reunion. We realize that many families across Australia are also in this situation of family deprivation due to COVID. READ MORE: Luxury Gorge Hotel draws closer to final fate The saddest thing is that our grandson, who is 9, told us the other day that everyone who has COVID, those who don’t want to be tested or vaccinated should all be put them in the same place so that people can start visiting family and friends again. What a great idea for such a young man. BILLION wasted on canceled deal for war toys. Billions more unspecified available for sub contract with no details. Yet NDIS is unaffordable and unsustainable. Priorities?




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