Queen Elizabeth accepts applications to hire qualified pastry chef


It’s a great prospect for pastry chefs since queen elizabeth hire one. The 95-year-old British monarch is looking to hire a Chef de partie who would be required to prepare a range of delicacies for the various functions held by the royal family throughout the year.

“About you” section

This chef hunting business is not a shady business straight out of the kitchen. It follows a description of the ideal candidate for the job who will be able to follow the British sense and style of culinary delights. You can look up the job description on the “Royal House” website and see if you fit the “about you” section for the detailed chef description. Or maybe, is there a catch?

It seems the British Royal pays very well for details and keeps an eye on the miraculous standards of what they serve, which is accurately reflected in the supposed ‘job description’. Acquiring the job successfully is not a snap, nor a part-time job that a student can cling to for “acquaintances” within the royal family.

Important work, please be qualified

The job at hand is important and it requires a qualified candidate with relevant experience and positive feedback to complete it. “As you would expect, the standards and attention to detail are exceptionally high here, and every day is hectic, so you will need to be an ambitious and skilled pastry chef with at least a year or two of experience.”


You see, that’s a lot of experience. Not to mention the insane pressure to serve your “sweet food” to some of the most important and high-ranking people in the country. Talk about stress!

Five star experience? So so

Five star restaurant experience is not strictly required, but it would be best if you had it. In addition, the royals need someone who is full of energy, have a strong desire to improve themselves, and have complete confidence in their abilities.


“You may already have experience in a five-star kitchen or similar environment, but it is your ability and enthusiasm to effectively deliver all aspects of pastry cooking that we are looking for. The Royal Family are looking for someone who has hands-on food experience although a baking-inclined characteristic is preferred.

Get them royal treatment

The person hired will most likely exercise their skills at the Queen’s primary residence in Buckingham Palace in London. The person suitable for the role can expect to receive a nice pay, and if they do a better job than the best, there is a good chance that they will be lucky enough to live in the residence! Wow ! Talk about royal life!


When a new person joins the team, the Queen encourages them to continue their training and development, and they will have access to a variety of recreational facilities and will occasionally need to visit other royal residences. .

It’s a whole lot of advantages

While job in this unique and stimulating environment, you can wait To to be compensated with a

full advantages wrap this understand 33 days of paid vacation (including Bank vacation) and a 15% employer contribution Pension scheme (with the option To to augment contributions Where to design down like salary).


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