Popular products sold in ND recalled due to harmful bacteria


So you’re at the store looking for your beloved Orange Energy scented Pine-Sol cleanser and the shelves are empty! RATS! You’ll have to settle (ugh) for the Lavender Clean scent. Wait a minute! Where did all the Pine-Sol go? How am I going to get rid of all the bacteria in my house?

Start by not bringing potentially bacteria-laden Pine-Sol cleaners in your house.

Chances are you already have one of these cleaning products in your home and it may contain a harmful bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. What does the CDC have to say about this rascal…

These bacteria are constantly finding new ways to avoid the effects of the antibiotics used to treat the infections they cause. Antibiotic resistance occurs when germs no longer respond to antibiotics designed to kill them. If they develop resistance to several types of antibiotics, these germs can become multi-resistant.

Apparently also resistant to Pine-Sol! To be fair, these Pine-Sol products are not designated as disinfectants. Pine-Scented Original Pine-Sol, which is a designated disinfectant, is not included in the recall. This reminder goes back a long way, you may already have one at home.

The recalled products were manufactured from January 2021 to September 2022.

This happens over two years of potentially bacteria-contaminated cleaners being wiped off surfaces all over your home. Clorox produced approximately 37 million of these products during this period and all of them are being recalled.

Consumers should immediately stop using Pine-Sol Scented Multi-Surface Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave and Lemon Fresh Scents, CloroxPro Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, Lemon Fresh and Orange Energy Scents, and Clorox Pine-Sol Lemon Professional Fresh Cleaners which have date codes printed on the bottle beginning with “A4” and followed by a five-digit number below 22249, which represents products manufactured before September 2022.

Consumers should take pictures of the 12-digit UPC code and date code, dispose of the product in its container with household trash, and contact Pine-Sol for a full refund of the purchase price, with receipt, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price. , without receipt.

No incidents or injuries have been reported at this time. The bacteria is more dangerous for people with weakened immune systems or those who use external medical devices.

Again for full recall information, click here

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