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We are recruiting a qualified and creative baker/pastry chef to lead the baking program at Minifactory. Minifactory is the production house of V Smiley Preserves and a cafe, bakery and restaurant. Our location has been home to a bakery for over 4 decades. You will help define its next decade!

You will be instrumental in building an organization from the ground up. You work in conjunction with V Smiley to create a baking case that showcases seasonality with a focus on canned goods and general produce.

Our ideal candidate enjoys working independently but understands themselves as part of the V Smiley Preserves/Minifactory organization and enjoys supporting roles. You are the morning lead in the space, setting the tone in the kitchen, greeting/checking on deliveries, keeping the foremen informed of the menu, etc. You are a central part of our management team at Minifactory.

Who we are

V Smiley Preserves makes sweet honey preserves in Vermont. We love fruit, farmers and big, juicy dollops of flavor. V Smiley Preserves specializes in complex textured flavors, making pectin-free preserves and investing in our local food basin, supporting organic growing practices, and making the only honey-sweetened preserves available nationally. We have created a new category of preserves, discovering all that is possible with just fruit and honey. The company won the Good Food Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In 2021, V Smiley Preserves purchased the Bristol Cliffs Cafe at 16 Main St. In 2022, this space reopens as a Minifactory. Minifactory is a cafe, restaurant and small retail outlet for specialty groceries and local produce. Minifactory’s kitchen houses both the production of V Smiley Preserves and Minifactory’s food operations. V Smiley Preserves warehouses and ships at 394 Rockydale Rd, which is 1 mile east of Minifactory.

Who you will work with

VSP/Minifactory Operations Manager – connects VSP and Minifactory and ensures smooth product flow between operations.
VSP Production Manager – head jammer at VSP, this person will prepare / dress preserves for you.
Mini-Factory Receiving Manager: Oversees fresh produce/pantry market, schedules FOH staff, primary HR point of contact, orders FOH supplies/goods, manages Coffee.
Chief cook of the mini-factory
V Smiley (Minifactory chef, owner of VSP)
You manage: Assistant baker

You report to: V Smiley


o Oversee and fulfill daily production of cookies and 6-9 additional baked goods (tea cake, danish, cookies, cake, pies)

o Test + create products for the pastry case

o Costing of the Minifactory pastry program

o Coordination with salt cooks

o Link production to seasonality


o A baking program that caters to a broad customer base, from grain-free or gluten-free products to people who don’t like super-sweet or traditional bakery products – we want to serve more people.

o Foster a communicative and fun work environment

o Stimulates individual and collective excellence

o Minimizes food waste


o A love of learning (both through self-study and colleagues)

o Wide range of skills and interests from puff pastry to willingness to work with alternative flours and sweeteners

o Likes to work with aromatics and herbs/spices

o Have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

o A love for being part of a team and using a strengths-based approach

o Very organized

o Fast, efficient, multi-tasking and detail oriented

o Community spirit

Some of our culinary influences: Nigel Slater, Pam Corbin, Thalia Ho, Camilla Wynne, Magnus Nilsson, Claudia Roden, Aran Goyoaga, Fany Gerson.


Base starting salary of $20/hr + shared service fee payment (estimated at $3-5/hour)
Two weeks of paid vacation
Seasonal bonuses
Staff meals
Employee discount
As we move out of the start-up phase of Minifactory, we will strengthen our benefit set.

Application instructions

To apply for this position, click on the “POST FOR A JOB” button on this job posting.

1. Complete the application and send the requested documents upon request to [email protected]

2. We will contact you via your provided details to set up a remote control, 10 min. interview.

3. The final stages will be hybrid work and an in-person interview.


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