Pastry Chef Sekhar makes Arabian and Asian nights at the Mercure Grand Hotel memorable


Doha: Pastry Chef Sekhar Rapaka recently joined the Mercure Grand Hotel with 17 years of experience in the culinary world.

Chef Sekhar has worked in other regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He was previously based at Novotel Hyderabad, India.

Having spent many years in the baking department, Chef Sekhar said he has seen the food culture become more interesting, competitive and incredibly international.

“It’s about delivering the best desserts to exceptionally high standards, due to customer demands. In Qatar I see a transition and a willingness to be adventurous and many guests want to dine to have an experience,” he said.

“In fact, the masterpieces have won over many people, which has made them popular in many countries. I have always believed that wherever you go, you must first impress the guests. So where let me go, I’ll bring this out first Not everything is sugar coated in the world of baking, which is why planning is very important before producing a creation.

“I look for good food when I travel and find the authenticity of each local dish to be one of the most important factors in choosing a favorite dish, such as nature and how local produce has been And having been exposed to and accustomed to all the high-end ingredients on a daily basis, for example in this region, the key ingredients for the most authentic desserts are saffron and dates.

He added: “Over the past few years, I have prepared special birthday cakes, pastries and truffle cakes for high-profile personalities from different nations. These are some of the major achievements of my career. . »

The Mercure Grand Hotel’s pastry team has participated in many local competitions and won prizes.

The chef added, “Quality and display is the most important thing, where people can identify us with what we can do. We are also embracing seasonal themes, for example during the summer, mango is the most popular fruit, so we have to go out of the dishes and incorporate this key ingredient.

“Additionally, we also have our special theme nights where we have to create special desserts to match the theme. On Thursday we have the Arabic night and on Saturday we have the Asian night which is served at La Brasserie restaurant on the lobby level.


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