Pastry chef makes functional mini skateboard caramel bar, watch viral video


Caramel skateboards are completely functional. (Image credits: Instagram / @ amauryguichon)

Chef Amaury Guichon shared a video showcasing how to make a mini caramel chocolate skate bar that looks like a real skateboard and is fully functional.

Have you ever watched an amazing dish and wondered if you should eat it? Sounds like a stupid question, right? Because the first thing you do when you get the chance to taste a good meal is take a big bite out of it. However, this chocolate work by chef Amaury Guichon will leave you torn between the choice of listening to your taste buds or admiring the perfection of his know-how. In his latest Instagram post, the chef shared a video showcasing the making of a caramel chocolate mini skate bar. The tasty treat looks like a real skateboard and guess what? It’s completely functional.

Sharing the clip of this mini skateboard with his followers on Instagram, the chef wrote: “Skateboard Caramel Bar! The coolest snack of this summer!

Watch the video here:

Since it was shared online on July 19, the video has so far received nearly 4 lakh likes as well as several comments from Instagram users. Reacting to the video, people expressed their wonder at Amaury’s culinary work. “I’m like a skateboard, it’s normal enough to make a cake out of it. But of course he had to improve the game and make it a functional skateboard. Always impressive chef, ”one netizen wrote in his comments.

However, it wasn’t just Amaury’s chocolate artwork that impressed people. Her Instagram feed is filled with photos and videos of her chocolate works. In another video on his profile, Amaury showed the process of making a replica of the Statue of Liberty using chocolate. He first uses chocolate tiles to make the base and then shapes the statue with chocolate. He gives the final touch to the replica before coloring it green. And to be frank, the perfection is such that it is impossible to tell the difference between the original and the replica. The only thing that sets the two apart is the chocolate and the size of course.

How do you see Amaury’s chocolate work?

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