Pastry Chef Creates Pinata, Internet Calls It “Bob Ross Of Chocolate”


The image shows Mr. Guichon with his latest chocolate creation.

There are tons of fantastic artwork and creative ideas on the internet. And there are plenty of excellent performers who never cease to amaze others with their abilities. One such video has surfaced on the internet showing the making of a chocolate pinata.

The artist behind this stunning work is renowned pastry artist Amuary Guichon. He shared a video of the pinata being made on his Instagram account with the caption, “Chocolate pinata! Crushing it was so heartbreaking. But the candies were so good!”

The viral video shows Mr. Guichon creating the decorated figurine and filling it with cute candies. He then colors it red before creating other pieces. Mr. Guichon then assembles all the pieces and hangs the toy from the ceiling using tassels.

The pastry artist then smashes the hanging pinata with a chopstick and tastes it. It took him 5 days to complete the creation, which consisted of 3,700 loops. According to Mr. Guichon, the result of achieving this creation was worth it. He called the creation a “show of stars” at every birthday party.

Since being shared, the video has garnered 11.6 million views and over 9.7 lakh likes. Mr. Guichon’s fans flooded the comment section of the post, appreciating his incredible skills.

“This guy is amazing! Weirdly amazing!! I’m shocked,” one user wrote.

Another said: “Hit him blindfolded.”

“You are the Bob Ross of chocolate,” wrote a third user.

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