Ooni pizza ovens and other products are 20% off for Black Friday



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There probably isn’t much better than a hot, fresh pizza. But making yours at home with all your favorite ingredients at a fraction of the shipping cost can be even better. Black friday the deals are out there, and hundreds of retailers are offering deep discounts. If you are thinking of buying a pizza oven for your home, you won’t want to miss out on this great Black Friday deal. Ooni offers 20% discount on all products with the exception of the Karu 16 and gift cards. That means a ton of items are on sale until December 1.

Ooni offers a wide range of portable pizza ovens for your outdoor kitchen – or wherever you want to take it. Some are powered by hardwood pellets, some by charcoal, and others by gas. The sizes also vary, but each one guarantees a stone-baked pizza in 60 seconds after the oven has reached the right temperature. The ovens are also guaranteed for three years. If you need help deciding, Ooni has a oven comparison tool available.

If you don’t like pizza, don’t worry. These ovens work well with other types of food, too much. And if an oven isn’t necessarily on your radar right now, take a look at other accessories offered by Ooni: cast iron plates and pans, digital scales, cutting blades and wheels, various pizza peels, serving boards, hardwood pellets, cookbooks, aprons and more.


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