New Dover, New Hampshire, Bakery offers Southern-style baked goods


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Craving good lemon bars?

Do you crave old-fashioned lemon bars like grandma used to do? The lucky residents of Dover, New Hampshire, are in for a treat. Literally. A new bakery will soon be opening in Dover called A Southern Girl Bakery. The best lemon bar I have ever had was made by a friend in Georgia. Bakery products don’t need to have a destination, but southerners add something special to their cupcakes. Maybe it’s just the love of the south.

What’s in store

Do you need something that looks homemade but tastes like golden pastries for a birthday party? Southern Girl Bakery will have you covered. They will offer a variety of bars, cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes and even wedding cakes. Baked goods that taste even better than they look, and they look fabulous.

Dietary concerns

If you are heading to Southern Girl Bakery website and drool over the delicious treats presented there, but have special dietary needs, fear not. A Southern Girl Bakery will offer vegan (my daughter will be happy) and gluten free. If you have any special request, just ask. Whether you’re looking for a wedding cake or something for your next corporate team building exercise, they’ve got you covered. Every day is a special occasion to treat yourself to delicious baked goods, which is why I am probably carrying a few extra pounds. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s birthday for me to treat myself to a cake.

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