Nad & Greg Krakow – A range of French and Belgian pastries


Sometimes we are just fed up with local tastes. If you’re not hungry enough to eat a good lunch, Nad & Greg is a place where you can grab a bite to eat.
The French call such places pastry shop which simply means “a pastry”. Although this place is located opposite the Podgórski market square, you can forget where you really are – it’s the baby Parisian vibe! The spot is also mentioned in the Destination Poland article on Krakow.

The story in a few words

Although you can taste French cuisine and other delicacies in Krakow, you will not find Belgian goodies here. Nad & Greg, for example, was created by two enthusiasts of French and Belgian desserts, who lacked their native pastry culture. Fortunately, they decided to share their sweet memories with locals – and tourists, who decide to stop by.

Not just croissants

What can you try at Nad & Greg? Profiteroles, macaroons, Liège waffle, speculoos biscuit… You name it. If you want to go for a classic croissant, there are different options – the one I can recommend is the one with the almond and nut filling on top (shown in the photo). Besides tasty pastries (which you can eat on the spot – the inside looks soft and insta-friendly by the way), you can buy bread and homemade jams with surprising tastes (pear & marzipan or strawberry with seeds of red poppy).

Coffee tea

Complete your breakfast or snack with freshly brewed coffee or tea and enjoy the Franco-Belgian atmosphere.


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