More than a thousand new products at Cibus


Almost a thousand new products will be exhibited at Cibus, the reference event for the Italian agri-food sector scheduled for Fiere di Parma from May 3 to 6, 2022, ready to be launched in national and foreign markets. These are products that, responding to consumer demand, focus on the areas of health products, the search for taste also through new mixtures of ingredients, the tradition of typical local products, eco-sustainable packaging, animal welfare. In the stands it will therefore be possible to find cold-pressed olive oils, less fatty and less salty charcuterie, cold pesto, lactose-free cheeses, veggie burgers, a wide range of niche products, offers ” ready to cook”. .

About a hundred of these products, intended for both retail and the Horeca circuit, will be exhibited in the “Cibus Innovation Corner” space, located in Hall 8, divided by sector: taste & ingredients, packaging, sustainability, territoriality. In general, the attention of the food industries to health and well-being remains strong, as well as the demand for organic and vegan products, following the long wave of the pandemic emergency.

A few examples: maltagliatelle with coral lentils and brown rice; organic bean and pea dumplings, baked; snack foods made from roasted legumes, without preservatives; a snack with fresh fruit smoothie and chocolate covered rice cakes; salami without preservatives, with long maturation; chicken cutlets with vegetables; Pork Parma ham fed with oilseeds rich in Omega 3; gluten-free pasta made from brown rice and spirulina algae; anchovy fillets with 25% less salt, packed in organic seed oil.

The search for taste remains an absolute imperative, just think of: the braised veal cheek with Barolo, cooked under vacuum; chocolate pralines with a core of blue cheese, that is, with molds; ham cooked with black truffle; gorgonzola and pink chocolate boxes for garnish; Marsala glaze for sweet and savory dishes. Packaging is increasingly eco-sustainable and compostable: organic chocolate packaging made from compostable corn starch; the Panbauletto with 58% less plastic, packaged without tray, with opening and closing strap; appetizer sauces with -40% plastic and -65% cardboard and packaging.

The complete list of new products, with photos and descriptions, is available on the website.


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