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If you ask me what place I visit each week besides the grocery store, it is definitely Moment Bakery. Owned by a pastry chef and her husband, this bakery is what I can call a hidden gem on Green Street.

The bakery is located right next to Fyxit Tech & Repair, and you can easily miss Moment Bakery if you didn’t know there was indeed a bakery next door. In this time of pandemic, you can only make take out due to the labor limit in the bakery. However, that doesn’t stop people from going there and bringing home some baked goods because they are all so delicious to taste.

As always, I like pastries with the right level of sweetness, and Moment Bakery definitely succeeds. You can get different types of cheesecakes, mousse cakes, toast, and even Chinese pastries. Chef Vicky is good at designing all kinds of pastries with seasonal fruits, and you will be amazed every time how good lychee, raisin or rose cakes can be. In this article, I’ll go over a few items I’ve tried recently on their menu.

In a take-out plastic pie dish, there's a red bean matcha cake. Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.

The first thing I tried was this red bean matcha cake ($ 7). The matcha flavored cream was light and not overwhelming. The cake itself tasted like matcha as well, which really gives a matcha lover double the joy. I loved the sweet red beans added to the cake. It gave the pastry a different texture and sweetness with each bite. It was a really big piece of cake so I would say it was worth the price.

In a plastic take-out container, there's an Oreo cake with lots of puffy gray cream artfully displayed. Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.

The cake I liked the most of all the baked goods was this Oreo Cake in a Box ($ 7.50). Oreo fans like me just can’t resist this cake with layers of chiffon cakes with layers of Oreo flavored cream in between. There are also those crunchy Orea cookies crushed between the layers of cake and on top. It gives a really nice texture and combines while the smoothness is just not too much at all. The chiffon cake was soft and fantastic with the layered design. If you only want to try one thing at Moment Bakery, try their Cake in a Box!

On parchment paper there is a papparoti coffee bun with a dark brown exterior. Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.

If you are already familiar with papparoti coffee buns, you know how delicious they can be. When I mean the pastry chef can always surprise you, I think so after trying their fresh baked papparoti coffee buns ($ 3.50). The papparoti bun was a soft bun with a coffee crust on the outside with coffee frosting and butter on the inside. I like to warm it up a bit before eating the bun. The crushed coffee was delicate in texture with the soft, light butter inside. I will never get tired of having it every day for my breakfast.

Several toasts are in a pan to be sold at Moment Bakery. Photo by VIcky Li.Photo by Vicky Li.

I also like the toast from Moment Bakery. You can buy the whole bread or just a half portion. The price of different types of toast ranges from $ 8 to $ 9, depending on the flavor. I liked the one with pork bristle and green onions the most. The toast is freshly baked daily at 3pm and enjoying a piece of that toast makes my day. There are also other flavors of toast with taro paste, red bean paste or raisins.

Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.

Moment Bakery also takes cake orders for different occasions two days in advance. You can customize the patterns and flavors, both for the topping and for the cake decoration. I ordered this special guinea pig cake ($ 35) to celebrate my pet mate’s birthday, and it came out so good. Cake orders can be made by contacting the store directly by phone at 217-954-0197. The prices of the cakes vary depending on the size and customization of them.

The filling was Oreo cream and I specifically requested the guinea pig design for the cake. I sent the chef a photo of what I expected the cake to look like, and she did!

On a flowery tablecloth, there is a little black and white guinea pig next to a guinea pig cake with dark black frosting and a white frosted face. Photo by Xiaohui Zhang.Photo by Xiaohui Zhang

It was a chiffon cake with Oreo cream. The cake was super moist and the light cream mixed with crushed Oreos pleased my family so much. The chef nailed down the likenesses, I think, and I loved the cake so much.

Next time you pass by Fyxit, be sure to stop by the lovely bakery next door, and you won’t regret it.

Bakery of the moment
202 East, rue Verte
T-Sat 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Top image by Xiaohui Zhang.

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