Meet Tania Cienfuegos Harris, pastry chef at Stella’s Southern Brasserie


Tania Cienfuegos Harris, pastry chef at South Stella Brewery, has held leadership positions in kitchens and impressive titles, as South Carolina’s Chef Ambassador in 2019, but she is relieved to have returned to her true love of baking without any additional pressure.

“I’m so happy that I’m not in the managerial role,” she says.

Harris completed his four years of culinary school in his hometown of Mexico City before moving to the United States several years ago and held various positions in some of Greenville’s most famous kitchens – the former High Cotton, Bacon Bros. Public House (with Executive Chef Anthony Gray), Restaurant 17, and most recently, The Lazy Goat. Then the pandemic struck. In March 2021, she was looking for a change when she reconnected with Gray in her new role as Executive Chef at Stella’s Brasserie.

“I am so happy that I am not in the role of manager. “- Tania Cienfuegos Harris

Although qualified to run a kitchen and trained in classic French cooking technique, she has learned that managerial authority, especially as a woman in a male-dominated industry, comes with a stressful side that comes with it. ‘she does not like.

So, for now, she’s enjoying a break while putting her twist on the beloved Southern desserts that Stella regulars look forward to every week while keeping the specials fresh for those looking for something special. a little different.

And she hasn’t finished learning. Leading a bread program that includes all sandwich bread, homemade English muffins, and crackers, she has also jumped into the often finicky sourdough world. A perfectionist, she is only satisfied when the dough is right.

“It’s not my forte, but I love it,” she said.

Facts about Tania

She has a side-concert: “Azucar Skull” – a made-to-order dessert service featuring traditional Colombian pastries.

She does not cook at home: “I feel like I’m not a good cook when I’m at home. How do moms do it?

Food stops include: Pasta Addict’s fried dumplings, Juice Box’s frozen riesling, Bar Margaret’s snacks and drinks, Off-menu frozen margarita / wine float compadres, Waffle House (cheese steak with melted Texas bacon, hold onions with crispy hash browns).

She recently discovered (and loves) raw oysters.


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