Meet Plant City Pastry Chef Grit Rambusch at his delicious Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus bakery


Grit Rambusch is the German-trained pastry chef behind the delicious pastries found at Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus in downtown Plant City. Take a trip to Plant City, visit the bakery, and try its delicious treats.

Grit Rambusch, owner and baker of Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus in Plant City, is a classically trained German pastry chef. Rambusch brings precision, delicacy and love of baking to Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus.

If you haven’t yet had the unique opportunity to visit Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus and try some of Rambusch’s delicious pastries, you must do because it is well worth a visit to Plant City.

Rambusch’s baked goods are simply out of this world. They are delicate and not too sweet, which sets them apart from other baked goods found locally.

Rambusch said: “We use traditional and non-traditional European recipes. Everything we cook is made from scratch. We work with fresh ingredients, less sugar and nothing artificial. None of our pastries are one-dimensional in terms of taste. We always try to layer the flavors without overwhelming your taste buds. Our baking takes time, but it’s the only way to incorporate these delicious flavors into our baked goods. “

“We have a few items on the menu every day. We have cakes that rotate every week. I try to incorporate seasonal products and flavors where possible. I do all the shopping myself and try to find the best fresh produce available, then set the cooking schedule for the week, ”Rambusch added.

Every morning Rambusch posts a post on Facebook and Instagram with what’s available that day.

For the holidays, Rambush has some really delicious items that you can pre-order. For Thanksgiving, you can get something different from your usual pumpkin and apple pies. Some of their popular items include the pumpkin bun, baked apple cluster, and a German pastry called prasselkuchen, which comes with a thin layer of homemade cranberry jam. In addition, she will offer apple strudel, spice cakes and more more frequently.

For Christmas you can get authentic Christmas bread (weihnachtsstollen) as well as stollen bites, honey gingerbread (honiglebkuchen), vanilla croissant cookies (vanillekipferl), Linzer cookies and other cookies. salty.

Rambusch suggests that you pre-order vacation items. Thanksgiving pre-orders began on November 10. Flight orders must be placed by Saturday, November 20 and for other Christmas items please allow a minimum of three days to order.

Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus is located at 113 S. Evers St. in Plant City. The bakery is open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The phone number is 441-4635. You can follow him at and on Instagram @crumblesandcream.


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