Meet Danielle ‘DeeDee’ Lefkowitz, who spreads hope with baked goods

DeeDee is proud of the desserts she has made, all packaged and ready to sell. (Rachel Lefkowitz)

In just one day, DeeDee raised $440 from her bake sale.

Danielle “DeeDee” Lefkowitz, 9, of Southfield, was named Volunteer of the Week for her successful bake sale to raise money to support Chai Lifeline, a New York-based organization that helps struggling children and families. with cancer and other serious illnesses.

This summer, DeeDee enjoyed his time at Camp Ganeinu in Farmington Hills, a Jewish day camp where they teach campers to give back through fundraising efforts at charities and nonprofits like Chai Lifeline.

“DeeDee came home and asked me how she could help raise money for Chai Lifeline,” said Rachel Lefkowitz, DeeDee’s mother.

DeeDee and his mother started thinking, and DeeDee came up with the idea of ​​a bake sale.

“I thought the best way to make a lot of money was making Shabbat desserts,” DeeDee said.

DeeDee then chose four types of desserts she wanted to make for Shabbat: chocolate brownies, Rice Krispies candies, fingertip cakes and chocolate chip cookies.

“We pre-prepared on a Wednesday night and what’s amazing is that it was just a week of preparation and Shabbat,” Rachel said.

“It was fun doing it all, and it made me feel good,” added DeeDee.

DeeDee in the kitchen making Shabbat desserts.
DeeDee in the kitchen making Shabbat desserts. Rachel Lefkowitz

DeeDee baked all the treats with her mother and let people at her synagogue, Young Israel of Southfield, know that she would be selling baked goods to raise money for Chai Lifeline. After making all the desserts, they packed them in containers with stickers that said, “Thank you for supporting Chai Lifeline!” Love, DeeDee.

DeeDee's Shabbat Desserts
DeeDee’s Shabbat desserts. Rachel Lefkowitz

In just one day, DeeDee raised $440 from her bake sale.

“People said they liked my cookies!” DeeDee said with a big smile on her face.

“I’m so proud that DeeDee started this wonderful fundraiser for Chai Lifeline,” Rachel said. “Her genuine passion for helping others is contagious, and I feel so blessed that she let me be a part of it.”

Ever since the bake sale, people have been asking if DeeDee is going to bake another one.

“We would do it again; in terms of frequency, we have yet to determine it. But we’re amazed at the turnout we got to do this for the first time,” Rachel said.

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