Meet Cherish Finden, Singapore’s award-winning pastry chef based in London


Finden admits that the constant turnover of creating something new is part and parcel of the job, but always a challenge. “For each recipe, I have to clearly describe the story and the steps. Each component is important to make something perfect: The texture, the profile… these are the elements of the construction of a cake that determine the final result.

For one of the great ladies of British baking, recipe inspiration comes from everywhere. One of the highlights of his career so far has been serving afternoon tea to patients at a dementia care home in the UK, an experience that led to the one of her favorite recipes.

“My mum has dementia and I decided to volunteer to make a full afternoon tea for 60 people at a nursing home. It was a fun day and I had Beth Brooker, my ex -sous chef at the Langham hotel, to help me.Mary, a resident of the nursing home, was amazing, she remembered the whole recipe for a cake and kindly shared it with me. To this day, I still use Mary’s lemon drizzle recipe,” she shared.

While Finden is at the forefront of the baking scene in the UK, and arguably the world, she doesn’t stand still. “Trends change every year. It is very important not to worry about trends but to anticipate and create for tomorrow.

She sees growing support for local markets and greater awareness of health, wellness and sustainability. It is these movements that she identifies as a compass to guide her future creations. And if we go by the past, we’re sure Finden has something hyper-local, wholesome, and certainly delicious up its sleeve.


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