McConnell reveals he was shot by Covid Booster on same day as Biden


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Senatorial Minority Leader Mitch McConnell revealed Monday afternoon that he received his coronavirus booster on the same day as President Joe Biden, whose administration praised McConnell’s pro-vaccine rhetoric then even that the two fought bitterly over other matters.


McConnell said in a speech he received the vaccine “a few minutes ago,” adding that it was an “easy decision” given his childhood polio survival experience before a vaccine was released. is available for this disease.

McConnell added that he had been a “long-time champion of vaccinations,” calling coronavirus vaccines “safe and effective” based on “mountains of evidence” and urging all Americans to speak to their doctors and to “get vaccinated”.

The announcement came hours after Biden received his booster photo live on camera, telling reporters that boosters are “important,” but the “most important thing” is that unvaccinated Americans get their drugs. first two photos.

McConnell’s apparent alignment with Biden on vaccines puts him at odds with right-wing members of his party, many of whom have opposed vaccination mandates and even questioned the safety and effectiveness of the injections.

Key context

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), last week recommended booster shots for the elderly, high-risk workers and people with comorbidities, overturning a narrower committee recommendation CDC Advisory. Biden, 78, and McConnell, 80, are both eligible under Walensky’s recommendation that otherwise healthy Americans over 65 receive the booster.

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“Senator McConnell is right – and we thank him for his leadership. It’s important that every American does their part and gets the shot when it’s their turn, ”the White House tweeted in April after McConnell spent his vacation in Congress urging Republican men to get the shot.


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