Long-time pastry chef shares his top cookie baking tips


Anyone can follow a cookie recipe on the back of a packet of chocolate chips, but adding a few special tips and tricks can really take a cookie from ordinary to sublime.

“There is nothing quite as good as a hot chocolate chip cookie” Tony’s pastry chef Helen Fletcher said Saint Louis on the air. “Homemade baked goods are the best.”

Pointers can also save you money. For example, pure vanilla extract isn’t always necessary, she said. For baked goods with a lot of other flavors, imitation vanilla will do just fine.

That’s one of the many tips included in Fletcher’s new cookbook, “Craving Cookies: The Quintessential American Cookie Book,” where she details her personal journey through making 80 different American cookies.

Helen Fletcher joins St. Louis on the Air

Its goal is to make the biscuit making process accessible to bakers of all levels. “I want to encourage people,” she said. “I want them to cook.”

Fletcher learned to cook by spending time with his mother and grandmother, who were heavily influenced by their Yugoslav heritage.

“Every Sunday, they made phyllo dough, the real thin dough… and then part of it fell on the floor. I had to sweep – it was my job, ”she said. “And then, oh, that was wonderful, because we had a fresh apple strudel or some kind of strudel for dinner.” “

“I had a croissant, I had Schaum Torte, I had all these wonderful things before America even heard of it,” she added.

Fletcher has designed many desserts at Tony’s, including St. Louis Institution’s pies, cakes, biscotti and butter cookies.

For more baking tips and information about her work, visit Fletcher’s website: Pastries like a pro.

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