Linda Skeens goes viral after big baked goods win at local fair


It’s not every day that events at a local fair become internet famous. But Linda Skeens and her unbeatable baked goods have garnered some well-deserved attention online.

Skeens won every baked goods category at the Virginia Kentucky District Fair (aka VaKy Fair). In many, she ranked multiple times.

It also ranked highly in the canned and non-food embroidery and wall decor categories.

Out of 29 categories she entered, Skeens won 25. Incredible.

Along with having the best sweet and savory cakes, pies, brownies, candies and breads in town, Skeens has quickly become the inspiration for some hilarious memes, including my favorite below:

Moreover, the ironic comments on Facebook were not lacking, there were thousands of them. Some highlights: Skeens was previously Chuck Norris’ personal chef…she once baked a ladder on the spot to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree…she baked a wedding cake for 200 people using only an easy-to-bake oven . What a legend.

Some even joked that she must have been the only one who competed. Don’t worry, she wasn’t. Spokeswoman Jennifer Sturgill confirmed with TODAY that “she wasn’t the only attendee…she’s just so good.”

However, despite going viral, the identity of this cooking queen has remained a mystery, much to the disappointment of her new fans who have been clamoring for a cookbook. That is, until Dallas-based HOT 93.3 radio host Mason Moussette sent the search to his followers on TikTok.

@masononthemic Linda Skeens where are you!? Internet, we need to find the original sound of #lindaskeens♬ – Mason

Moussette’s faith in the internet was vindicated, as shortly after her post, the real Linda Skeens was found. In her interview, Skeens told Moussette it wasn’t her first win — only last year she got 40 blue ribbons. Not serious.

Skeens also revealed that after she was diagnosed with leukemia in December, cooking for her friends and family helped her during her treatment. Of course, she’s not the only one finding solace in the kitchen.

If cooking isn’t your thing, don’t worry. All kinds of creative activities can be equally soothing. What matters is finding what feels best. Looks like Skeens was able to do it through cooking. Or maybe she just likes winning those blue ribbons, who knows. Either way, she’s found her thing and feels “blessed.” That in itself is worth celebrating.

Linda, we hope to see you with a whole new set of award-winning concoctions at next year’s fair. Thank you for giving us all a wholesome story worth savoring.


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