Lavender Bee’s baked goods are nut free


Lavender Bee Baking Co. shares space with El Colombiano Coffee and Light of Day Records in a small store called Monumental Market in Jamaica Plain. 29-year-old bakery owner Kelsey Munger opened in February 2020, a month before COVID shut down everything; luckily, it was able to reopen a few months later. Munger runs a peanut-free and nut-free kitchen due to allergies she has suffered from since childhood. Determined to learn how to cook foods that she might enjoy, Munger started cooking as a teenager, even bringing birthday cakes to friends’ parties so she could eat them too. “I cooked what would be safe for me,” she says. At 14, she was working part-time in bakery kitchens, most notably Susu Bakery in Wellesley, then a gluten-free shop in Belmont. She ran the student-run cafe at Connecticut College when she was a student there. Munger sold his nut-free sweet and savory baked goods at a few farmers’ markets in the area before opening the JP store.

Popular items include banana and chocolate chip bread, apple cake, scones, crackers (mozzarella and tomato cookies are her favorites), and donut muffins. The pop-tarts she makes with seasonal garnishes are also a hit. (Check out the pumpkin-spice cheesecake variety.) Customer favorite cookies are ginger molasses, savory chocolate chips, and one of his signature candies, the Brookie: a brownie bar with a Baked sun butter cookie on top. (Pastries range from $ 2 to $ 5.) The baker also makes gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, savory and sweet pastries, and makes frozen cakes, cupcakes, and holiday pies to order.

For families with children who need to avoid nuts, the place is a godsend. “Parents can tell their kids, ‘You can choose whatever you want here,” says Munger. “I wanted to create a safe place for people with peanut and tree nut allergies and also a space that brings the community together.” With coffee and music, and now outdoor tables, the little cafe does just that. When customers walk away with a vintage record, a mug of java, and a small brown bag containing a Lavender Bee pastry, Munger says, “The winning trifecta!

Lavender Bee Baking Co. is located in Monumental Market at 36 South St., Jamaica Plain, 617-942-2945;


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