Interview with the pastry chef of the Ecole du Chocolat Amaury Guichon


Chocolate School fans and anyone who follows food on Instagram or TikTok probably know and love pastry chef Amaury Guichon and his extraordinary chocolate and dessert creations. He’s made everything from a chess set to a chocolate dragon.

Although we don’t know if or when there will be another season of Chocolate Schoolwe know that chef Guichon will be one of the judges of the 2022 Cacao-Barry World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

The Cacao-Barry World Chocolate Masters 2022 will be broadcast live from Saturday October 29 and will continue until Monday October 31. You can watch it on the contest website. If you pre-register, you can also receive recipes, insights from the jury and behind-the-scenes stories.

I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Chef Amaury Guichon about the upcoming competition, what he will be looking for when judging and the chocolate creations he shares on social media.

Our interview with the pastry chef of the Ecole du Chocolat Amaury Guichon

Guilty Eats: Where do you find the time to make the chocolate creations you post on Instagram?

Amaury Guichon:Originally, posting my work on social media started out as a fun way to share what I was doing with others. I was able to make these creations in my spare time and show people the wonders of chocolate.

One of my favorite things about social media is being able to connect with all my fans, which I never thought would happen when I started out as a pastry chef. Being able to show the world this distinctive type of art and see all the positive feedback really helps motivate me to keep working on bigger, better and more challenging projects.

GE: Where do you get your ideas for these chocolate creations?
AG: “Most of my chocolate creations are spontaneous. I can create animals, objects and much more…any item or idea that intrigues me is usually my next chocolate creation challenge.

GE: It might be like choosing the child you love the most, but which of the chocolate creations you’ve made was your favorite to work with?
AG: “One of my favorites was father nature from episode 2 of School of Chocolate, sometimes creating a centerpiece can be very tiring but end up being a very enjoyable outcome, for this one in particular I had so much more fun doing it than watching the end result.”

GE: What do you think will be the next chocolate trend? What will we see often? Special flavors?
AG: “Right now the chocolate and baking industries are booming, I think we’re going to see more and more fine workmanship and extravagant designs.”

GE: What are you expecting to see at the World Chocolate Masters 2022 competition in Paris?
AG: “I look forward to seeing all the new talent this year. The goal of the competition is to advance the creative craft of chocolate and showcase new talent and opportunities for budding pastry chefs. a touch of creativity, thinking outside the box and making the impossible possible.”

GE: What do you look for when judging a chocolate competition?
AG: “One of the key things I look for when judging a chocolate competition is to research who the proactive risk takers are. Being able to showcase your work on this platform is something that can boost your career, so fear not. take risks but stay true to yourself. An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often, so it’s vital to make the most of the moment while you can.

GE: For people looking to make chocolate creations like yours at home, do you have any advice? Could anyone really make a giant chocolate dragon at home?
AG: “Nothing is impossible, but a hobbyist would take a long time to make such a design, but anyone at home can have a little fun turning chocolate into little works of art. My tip before to start using chocolate is to always temper it.


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