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IIt’s okay to be a little loose with a recipe when cooking, but when it comes to cooking, precision is key. As anyone who has ever tried to make professional quality cookies from scratch knows, this can be difficult to do with measuring cups alone – they leave too much room for error when measuring out exact amounts of cookies. key ingredients like flour. (I mean, how easy is it to pack those things too tightly and accidentally mix in twice as much as you intended?) Luckily, you can crush your baking apprehensions for good, though, by using this tip from pastry chef Kaitlin Garske.

Garske took to TikTok, where she goes by the handle @whiskkid, to share a tip she says will make you a better baker overnight. And it’s quite simple: learn to measure your flour the right way. “The quickest and easiest way to cook is to use a scale, but I understand not everyone has one at home and that’s okay, you don’t necessarily need one,” says- she. “Learning to measure flour can make a huge difference in the outcome of your baking.”

OK, so what’s a person to do if they don’t have a scale? Garske says that instead of dipping your measuring cup in flour and pulling it out, then leveling it, you should use a spoon to stir the flour and pour it into the measuring cup. Next, level your spoon. This trick helps eliminate a significant portion of that aforementioned margin for error, as it prevents you from packing the flour into the measuring cup.

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To really drive the point home, Garske pulled out his food scale and weighed the flour which was measured each way – putting it in the measuring cup weighed a lot less. This is because spoon flour was more compact, while spoon flour was more airy. “It’s important because when you cook, you follow a formula,” she says. “And you don’t always have to be extremely precise with every recipe, but that little bit of flour can actually make a big difference.” There is, however, an exception to this. She notes that if a parent taught you a recipe, you should measure it like they did.

It should be noted, however, that Garske still strongly recommends using a food scale. “You’ll never go back to the old way,” she says.

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