Home baker Deepa Pathmanathan sells cakes, breads, chocolates and puff pastry in Coimbatore



Deepa Pathmanathan bakes delicious cakes, breads, puff pastry and macroons in her Coimbatore kitchen

In 2012, if anyone had told Deepa Pathmanathan that she would be a wanted baker in Coimbatore, she would have laughed at it. “But, a photo I saw on Facebook changed my life,” she laughs. “It was a beautiful buttercream flower.” Deepa says she started cooking only because she fell in love with the buttercream flowers. “My sister was a baker and she helped me with the cake recipes. I then decorated them with my flowers and gave them away. The response was excellent and it gave me the confidence to start an online page, Sweet Sprinkles in 2013. ”Her page now has 5,400 Facebook followers and 4,400 Instagram followers. “I have not done any promotion for my products. It’s word of mouth, ”rejoices the 44-year-old man.

Deepa Pathmanathan, pastry chef from Coimbatore, in her business Sweet Sprinkles

Deepa has now included sourdough bread, puff pastry, macaroons and chocolates. “I cook every day and my work starts at 6.30 am. This can last until late in the evening depending on orders. Deepa needs a week’s notice for its products. “This is for me to plan my schedule and come up with the design. She sources her ingredients from Belgium, Mumbai and Coimbatore. “I only use the best ingredients. It makes my cakes a bit more expensive, but I stay away from stabilizers and preservatives. I also make my essence from scratch and keep food coloring to a bare minimum, ”she says.

Deepa Pathmanathan, pastry chef from Coimbatore, in her business Sweet Sprinkles

Deepa has taken courses in Kochi, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Malaysia to master her craft. “I learned from great chefs like Rumana Jasseel, Robert Haynes, Amaury Guichon, Johan Martin, Christopher Morel and Andrew Duboik. They taught me how to make French pastries, chocolates and sugar flowers. I also learned valuable lessons about cleanliness and discipline in the kitchen, ”she says.

In 2016, she baked her biggest cake, she says. “It was a five-tiered cake, weighed 21 kg and was two and a half feet tall. It had flavors of chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and caramel. I decorated it with 60 sugar flowers. It took me a week. Deepa also has regular customers from Tiruppur and Pollachi. She says people who have traveled here a lot love her sourdough bread and her French dessert, the dessert that has layers of cookies, cakes, mousse and cream. Deepa is now in love with being a home baker. “My days are not complete without baking,” she says.

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