Heirzoom Bakery Fennome Hungarian Pastries – A Little Bite of Luxury… Comfort, Nostalgia and Love


Bridgeton, New Jersey – As consumers continue to search the shelves and the internet for nostalgic foods to comfort their souls and taste buds, Heirzoom Bakery is doing what they always do, handcrafting their treasured family recipe of pastries, butter, jam. -Hungarian pastry filled with fennom.

“I was inspired to launch Fennom Hungarian Pastries to share our memories of family, tradition, celebrations and love,” shared Diane Holtaway, owner and founder of Heirzoom Bakery. Fennome, inspired by the word Finom (Hungarian for fine, delicious, savory and elegant), is a treasured family recipe, baked and shared at every special family gathering. Every bite takes us back to how home cooking once was. “We brush delicate swirls of buttery puff pastry with luscious sweet fruit jams – apricot, raspberry and strawberry. According to Diane, “What makes our product so special is that we practice the impeccable craftsmanship of an authentic Eastern European home baker, adding a bit of luxury, nostalgia, comfort and love in every bite.” Like homemade, each pastry is unique, with distinctive textures and shapes that consumers cherish, from the packaging to their palate. Fennome Hungarian pastries are still made the old-fashioned way, with real butter, fresh cream cheese and unbleached, unbrominated flour, and without any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives of any kind. .

Heirzoom Bakery Fennomous Hungarian Pastries are available in two Grab “N” Go sizes. The original line contains three pastries presented on their own small gold pastry tray. New to the range are the fennome Grande Singles – the same delicious fruit-filled buttery pastry rolled into a spiral, but 50% larger, also presented on an individual gold tray. A dusting of pure demerara cane sugar adds a delicate crunch to flaky pastry and jam spirals.

Heirzoom Bakery Fennom Hungarian Pastries are also available in ready-to-bake (RTB) form in retail and foodservice bulk sizes. The RTB line fills the air with fennomenal flavors of freshly baked pastry, and so easy and convenient, straight from the wrapper to the oven – customizable and versatile too.

Heirzoom Bakery is not just a manufacturer of premium specialty baked goods. “We are much more than that!” adds Diana. To the generation that remembers, we bring you back to an almost forgotten place. After taking a bite, our customers often say something like “Wow, I remember my grandma made something like this but I haven’t had one in years!”

About Heirzoom Bakery: A woman-owned business founded and led by Diane Holtaway. Diane grew up in a family of home bakers. From a young age she worked side by side with her mother and grandmothers to mix, roll, bake and enjoy. After a long career in the food industry, she decided to start Heirzoom Bakery to share her love for authentic and treasured family recipes as they are meant to be. Heirzoom Bakery Hungarian pastries are produced at the prestigious Food Innovation Center @ Rutgers University. FDA inspected, 3rd Party audited.

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