He is a pastry chef and surprised his followers by revealing how he met fellow actor Benjamin Rojas


Continuity and Pastry Chef Martina Sanchez Acosta, decided to open the question box on her personal Instagram account and received dozens of questions about her work and personal life. However, what his followers wanted to know the most was how he met his fellow actor? Benjamin Rose,

Over the years, Martina has devoted herself entirely to the manufacture of pastries in her premises located in La Plata; However, before that he became a film continuityist, a place in which he found the love of his life. Martina You Benjamin have taken care of their love bond with a special secret over the years and recently This Friday she revealed more details about how they met,

Martina Sanchez Acosta opened the Instagram question box and was shocked by the concerns of her followers. Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias

,Quiet from coercion, with my gururumina, who needs me, I dare to do what I’ve never done, am I living in 1810?“, introduced the pastry chef so that his more than 190,000 followers can ask him a question and thus kill time. In addition to the text, he shared a selfie Indecision expressed by seeing too much PR.

Among so many questions about gastronomy and cinema, one very frequently slipped: “How did you meet Benja? The young woman grouped all the questions together and said, “Okay, they’re calming down”, with a laughing emoji and explained: “we met while recording when you smile at me, I was a continuator and he was clearly an actor. eleven years ago,

Fans wanted to know how he met Benjamin Rojas. Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias

The famous romantic comedy starring the pastry chef pointed the finger Juliet Diazzi You facundo arana released in 2011 by callIn this production, Benjamin Rojas played the role of Juanse Murphy.

Benja Rojas also ignored what was happening on Instagram with questions like these, limiting his partner’s comment to, “It was love at first sight.”

Significantly, the couple had their first child in 2018, whose name is Rita, who was born prematurely by caesarean section, and in this sense, some followers consulted her on motherhood. “How did you experience the day in neonatology with Rita? The same thing is happening to me now,” one woman advised, and the pastry chef replied: “Uh, a lot of strength. Even if they say (as in my case, I already knew I was moving to Neo) would you be able to accept it quickly? »,

Martina Sanchez Acosta was consulted on her maternity.  Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias
Martina Sanchez Acosta was consulted on her maternity. Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias
Martina Sanchez Acosta was consulted on her maternity.  Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias
Martina Sanchez Acosta was consulted on her maternity. Photo/Instagram: @teodeliinesias

“One day at a time and rest as much as possible. Connect everything you can and allow yourself to help or ask for help, which is even more difficult.“, concluded the pastry chef who went through a tense moment with her newborn daughter.

Regarding motherhood, another follower asked her: “Will you have more children? How to reconcile life and motherhood? and although she avoided the first question, she answered the second: “Motherhood is part of life, I can’t think about it separately.”

Before giving birth, Benjamin Rojas posted a pregnancy photo and mentioned the time they met: “I remember the first time I saw her. call, I said ‘Uh… what a beautiful girl, I can’t wait to be her boyfriend…’“, he said before concluding:” I had the hardest casting, but I did it “.

Another question his followers asked him was if the famous actor was “sweet” and he replied: “It’s not, but I changed it. There are always little things at home for him,


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