Get ready to welcome Santa Claus home with these Christmas decorating products


Christmas is almost here. As the weather gets colder and Christmas carols and the smell of freshly baked cookies pervade the winter air, we know it’s high time to revamp our home with Christmas produce. With great deals going on on Amazon, we’re here with a list of 5 home decor products that will help you decorate your home in the most stunning way for the season. Put on the star, lift the tree, and bake a plump cake before welcoming Santa home to see how well you’ve put these decor pieces together.

Paper mache

Paper mache tree decorations are a super durable way to celebrate Christmas. These beautiful hand painted Kashmiri paper mache help to increase the beauty and grace of your home.

Price: Rs 2999

Offer: Rs 1099

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Blank wooden ornament to paint

Your children will be amazed to know that their art has its place in the Christmas tree. Let them paint their minds on this round wooden white board that can be hung in your tree. These blank ornaments can also be put up to add aesthetic charm to your door, windows or even as living room decor.

blank boards

Price: Rs 799

Offer: Rs 269

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Christmas chair covers

Resembling a Santa Claus cap, these cute chair covers are a perfect decorative item to energize the festive energy. It will definitely cheer up your guests and friends if they visit your house.

chair covers

Price: Rs 1999

Offer: Rs 749

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Christmas berries

You can decorate the dining room, the Christmas tree, or even the little plants in your garden with these artificial holly berries that sparks the cheerfulness of Christmas.


Price: Rs 499

Offer: Rs 299

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Reindeer candle holder

The tealight candle is designed in a beautiful reindeer shape that will just look Christmas when you light it with the candle. Create a beautiful atmosphere by placing this candle holder in your home to offer a vintage but timeless look.


Price: Rs 699

Offer: 329 Rs

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