Fredericton entrepreneur makes healthy and tasty baked goods – no added sugar


FREDERICTON РCombining her entrepreneurial aspirations with her passion for healthy eating, Melissa Pe̱a started selling healthy desserts during the pandemic.

MelWho is a No Sugar Added Bakery, specializing in gluten, keto and lactose free products. Peña wants to provide more options for people who are trying to eat healthier.

“Starting with the desserts, starting with the snacks, it’s amazing because you adapt small steps to have real healthy habits,” said Peña.

She started selling last summer with her business partner and boyfriend Martin Carvajal. The name “MelQui” combines Peña’s nickname with Martin’s hometown of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Peña moved from Ecuador to Canada for school two years ago. At home, she used to eat mostly healthy, homemade foods.

“When I arrived here in Canada, the food culture shocked me a lot,” said Peña.

Peña has a big sweet tooth. But when looking for healthier options in Canada, she saw that products advertised as healthy still had a lot of added sugar. She started doing her own research by taking online classes and reading blogs.

During her forties, when her sweet tooth got stuck again, she started cooking.

“The first cake I made tasted totally different from what I can make today,” said Peña.

“I like to say this because I think mistakes are part of the process,” said Peña. “I’m not ashamed to say it because that’s how I started and started to progress.”

For the first three months, she used customer feedback to change her product. She tested recipes and tried different ingredients to see which had the best nutritional value and taste.

She ended up with 20 different items on the menu, from carrot cake to brownies. In her menu, she tries to give variety to her customers and can change things up with a product based on an allergy or restriction.

In addition to owning a business, Peña is also a student. She is in her fourth year at St. Thomas University studying Economics and Business. She admits that balancing school and running a business has been a challenge.

“My priorities are my studies, but also a priority that I add to my life is my business. So it’s like sharing my time, so it’s sacrificing things, in my case maybe it’s sacrificing time with my friends or going out sometimes, ”said Peña.

“If you want more, you have to give more,” said Peña. “It’s a rule that I applied a lot.

She describes her first year of running a business in Canada as a learning journey.

“Starting a business in a country that is not yours means learning new laws, getting in touch with different people,” said Peña. “It teaches a lot about the legal process, licensing, so much. “

She has a selection of products available at 900 Hanwell, where she shares the kitchen area with Scottage cheese.

For its full menu, customers can order through Instagram or Facebook. Peña hopes to venture into the farmer’s market scene and plans to launch the MelQui website later this year.

Peña got her feet wet with in-person events this summer. In August, she taught a class with the City IGen program and was part of NBIF Breakthrough Contest for new businesses.

“Even though we didn’t win, we won a lot,” said Peña. “Like the connections and the people who contact us asking how we’re doing, what we need, what our plans are. “

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