First Look: Gooey Cafe – baked goods and brunch at new NQ location


Brunch But Make It Gooey – French Toast, Butt & Bacon Get The Instagram Treatment

When the call comes in to preview Gooey’s new cafe hours before the official press launch, you’re taking that call in the name of duty and nothing more. Absolutely nothing to do with donuts.

Although the menu is clearly driven by a love of food, every corner of Gooey Cafe is created with photography in mind.

Few brands in Manchester have achieved cult status as quickly as Gooey, the donut and cookie specialist that essentially exists by the gram. And unlike a few similar projects born in lockdown in this city that have struggled to retain valuable square footage as well as sustain the hype (RIP Bada Bing), Gooey’s simple yet highly effective offering seems to be getting better. better.

Enter: Gooey Cafe opens on the main street of the NQ
Image: Confidential
Cookies and donuts on the counter at Gooey Cafe Nq
All your favorites, always available
Image: Confidential

Until now, pasty delicacies have only been available from a small neon-lit kiosk at the entrance to Ducie Street Warehouse, cooked in a so-called dark kitchen. But the former Cat Cafe on the High Street of the NQ will now host all bakery operations as well as a brunch cafe with a full menu of traditional ‘Gooey-fied’ breakfast plates.

The Open Kitchen at Gooey Cafe New Opening Nq Manchester
Chefs work in the open kitchen – for all your photography needs
Image: Confidential
Selection of brunch dishes at Gooey Cafe Manchester Nq
Take a seat by the window for perfect lighting
Image: Confidential

Not a sourdough sandwich in sight

It might seem like every post was designed to look stunning on social media, but the team has gone to great lengths to ensure that Gooey Cafe isn’t just another brunch spot. Bread and pastries are homemade alongside its cookies and donuts.

Head chef, Romin and head baker, Daniel have worked closely together to create a menu that matches the brand perfectly.

French Toast at Gooey Cafe Nq
French toast, square
Image: Confidential
Avo On Toast At Gooey Cafe Nq Manchester New Opening
Not your average avocado on toast
Image: Confidential

We were able to sample breakfast sandwiches (from £6.90) served Japanese style on soft shokupan bread. The bacon is black pepper cured, the soft-boiled eggs are sun-brown Burford Browns. The red and brown sauce is also homemade.

Other brunch bits include the surprisingly creamy vegan mushroom toast (£9.90), made with black garlic cream with roasted cashews and a gooey French toast cube (£11.50) loaded with pastry cream and dulce de leche

Granola at Gooey Cafe Manchester Nq
Poached fruit and granola – who are you kidding?
Image: Confidential
Back Ribs Sandwich at Gooey Cafe Manchester Nq
Char siu bbq glazed baby back ribs with a green juice *balance*
Image: Confidential

You’ll find sourdough on this menu, it’s NQ after all, but only as croutons for a caesar salad (£10.90). On the lunch menu, alongside char siu grilled baby back ribs served on a sesame seed bun (£10.50) and a panko fried chicken sandwich (£9.90) with mayo katsu, salad of spicy cabbage and kombu.

Also available are cold-pressed juices, coffee roasted by Dead Good Coffee and this super thick hot chocolate topped with a gooey marshmallow wedge (£4). Only the best – Yorkshire Tea is the brewer of choice for the Gooey clan, and you’ll even find a ‘fancy schmancy’ drinks section with an iced strawberry vanilla matcha latte (£4.50) and iced tea with watermelon (£3.80).

The interior of Gooey Cafe Nq Manchester
A color palette that includes Keith Haring
Image: Confidential
gooey 15 of 16
Who will you share yours with? LOL
Image: Confidential

The perfect place for an elegant brunch café

Housed in the former Cat Cafe which closed in January 2021, stylish is definitely the word for this wholeheartedly Instagrammable brand. While the menu is clearly driven by a love of food, every corner of Gooey Cafe is created with photography in mind, from the white tiled counter with signature red grout, to the open kitchen, to the signature glasses and neon “Gooey” sign.

The area is flooded with natural light and even the overhead lighting is subtle, making for the perfect flat lay shot (IYKYK).

Donuts at Gooey Cafe
One of each please
Image: Confidential

Described as having a “West Coast vibe with North End charm”, the bright and airy spot is minutes from fellow NQ/Ancoats favorites The Firehouse, Ramona and Mackie Mayor, along with another famous bakery from Insta just around the corner – Mr Dick waffle lodge. So if you’ve had your fill of penis- and vulva-shaped waffles, maybe a chewy brioche donut from Gooey will scratch that itch instead?

Also expect outdoor seating to overflow at the corner of High Street and New George Street on the sunniest days. Start queuing now to grab your precious seat before the opening at 9 a.m. on friday august 26.

Gooey will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and The Gooey Kiosk at Ducie Street Warehouse will remain open Wednesday through Sunday for the usual Gooey cookies, donuts and buns.

Gooey Cafe 103 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ

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