Famous pastry chef opens chocolate factory and cafe in Sonoma County


Robert Nieto and his wife, Tara, have been selling their pretty, artisanal Fleur Sauvage chocolates at local farmers’ markets for three years, but on Wednesday, December 15, they will be opening their own chocolate shop at 370 Windsor River Road. in Windsor.

The couple launched their chocolate business in 2019, after Robert Nieto worked as a pastry chef at Madrona Manor, Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro and Jackson Family Wines. You may have also seen him as a contender on Food Network’s “Holiday Wars”, “Cookie Wars” and “Beat Bobby Flay” for the past few years.

If you love artfully made chocolate, you’ll appreciate Nieto’s flair with his fine-shelled jewel-shaped candies and chocolate wine bottles filled with truffles. Nieto has lived up to the chocolate orders for the holidays, so they are planning a smooth opening for the new store, highlighting a few goodies to give away, including multi-colored chocolate candies.

Chocolate creations by Fleur Savage in Windsor. (Chris Hardy / Sonoma Magazine)

“We have some holiday-themed candy, and we’re going to try to deliver the cocoa bomb,” Nieto said. “We make our own cocoa blend, with cinnamon to spice it up and marshmallows inside.”

The shop will also sell jelly candies with flavors of wine country such as pear-chardonnay and mulled wine. Nieto takes the candies out of a silicone mold and toss them in sugar for a frosty coating. He also hopes to prepare a few individual desserts for the holidays and give a modern touch to the classic Yule log dessert.

Tara Nieto will run the storefront, where you can order espressos, lattes and hot chocolate to warm you up on cold winter days. There are several seats, inside and outside the store, which is located in a former driving school.

Fleur Sauvage Chocolates already partners with several wineries to serve their chocolates, from Badassari Wines in Windsor to Walt Wines in Sonoma and Napa. But Nieto plans to get more involved in the Windsor community.

“I would love to offer a workshop on how to make your own chocolate bar,” he said. “Here, it’s really family-friendly.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday, but may change in the future. For more information, visit fleursauvagechocolates.com.


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