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Aryln Llewellyn is the chef and co-owner of Function Brewing in Bloomington, Indiana. The restaurant is currently open for take out and al fresco dining. (Kayte Young / WFIU)

This passion and commitment has been our guiding force throughout it all. If we were just focusing on paying bills, we probably would have made different decisions than ours. So we were in a way “the heart first”.

This week on our show, we chat with chef and restaurateur Aryln Llewellyn about Brewing function, on how their business has adjusted in these uncertain times. And she shares with us two versions of a classic recipe.

We also speak with Aidan Reef about Frostfall Bakery Products on what it takes to be a home seller and their favorite donut frostings.

Plus a Harvest Public Media story on pea and bean crops are gaining ground in the USA.

Brewing function in downtown Bloomington has converted many of its sandwich components into plant-based recipes. This allows them to offer vegan versions of many of their signature menu items. Chef Arlyn Llewellyn shares her process of converting traditional recipes into plant-based recipes without sacrificing flavor, texture and mouthfeel.

She also looks back on the last eighteen months in the restaurant business and explains how home cooking has changed with the arrival of two young family members.

Brewing function is currently open for carry out and outdoor dining.

Six donuts in a box, two shiny chocolate, two with cinnamon and sugar and two with pink icing and sprinkles
Frostfall Baked Goods offers yeast breads, cookies, biscuits and more, including a range of donut flavors and an assortment of frostings and toppings. (Courtesy of Aidan Reef)

Frostfall Bakery Products is a home bakery business owned and operated by Aidan Reef. Aidan specializes in yeast breads and baked donuts, and particularly enjoys experimenting with donut flavors and developing interesting and colorful frostings.

Aidan talks about the requirements of Door-to-door sale, the importance of inclusiveness in their business model and how they aim to balance the demands of being a small business owner with their other passions, such as writing and music.

Frostfall bakery products are sold at Popular cooperative market, Goldleaf and Farmstop Farmers Market, Sobremesa Farmer’s Market, El Mercado and their own roadside stand. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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