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Vendors interact with shoppers at the Second Saturday Market event held at the Old Logandale School on Saturday. PHOTO BY JESSICA PETERSON/Progress

The old school in Logandale was full of activity on Saturday morning June 11th. Local shoppers gathered in and around the building to witness the “Second Saturday Market”.

Held on the second Saturday of every month, this event has been recurring and growing since January. Local vendors and small business owners have set up shop at Old Logandale School to sell home-grown or home-grown produce.

Various food trucks were parked in the parking lot of the old school. Kuppa Joe, Soda Bomb, Nattie’s Thai Kitchen and Taste of Home all sold refreshing food and drinks to customers.
Inside the air-conditioned building were many more stalls.

At the entrance, Moapa resident Cally Wade was at her stand selling local honey, jellies, and more. Wade is the mastermind behind this monthly market.
“I saw a need here in the community,” Wade said. “We don’t have anything like that here and I thought we needed a community event to help entrepreneurs grow.”

Wade has been running his own small business and his own farm for about ten years. “I’m open to helping all sellers, anyone looking to start a business,” she said. “I’m happy to help get them licensed and get them into the market.”

About fifteen additional cabins were in the gymnasium. Local vendors sold items such as local produce, fresh baked goods, clothing, books, soap, artwork, local honey, micro greens, etc.

At one stall, Kirsten Pope of “Ika Greens” was selling fresh vegetables grown using methods such as hydroponics and aquaponics. Pope has settled into the second Saturday market since its debut in January.
“We love this [Wade] did,” Pope said. “Today has been great. There have been a lot of people here. We are delighted to be here and to see it grow.

At another stand, Moapa resident Bradley Taylor was selling handcrafted colorful fishing lures. Taylor sells fishing lures through his “Desert Jigs” business. The lures take him around 45-50 minutes to make from start to finish. Saturday was the first time he sold his produce at the market.
“I’m doing pretty well today actually,” Taylor said. “I definitely plan to continue.”

In the middle of the room, Lyndie Michalosky was selling fresh produce and pastries. Michalosky’s business “Four Seasons Market and Bakery” has been part of the Second Saturday Market since February. It takes him at least two days to harvest from his garden and prepare his baked goods before market day.

For the remaining summer months, the second Saturday market will be relocated to the Fine Arts building at the fairgrounds.
“[The move] will create space for more vendors and make it much more comfortable for visitors,” Wade said.

Next month, Wade is teaming up with Clark County Parks and Recreation to create a fun event for the whole family.
“It’s kind of in tune right now, but we’re hoping to add more kid-friendly activities to make it a great community event,” Wade said.

The next second Saturday market will take place on July 9 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Join them at the fairgrounds to support local businesses and enjoy food, art and more!

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