Eltham’s baker sells healthy homemade baked goods in a pop-up


Eulene Mileham has her products for sale at the Taste of Taranaki pop-up.

Creating homemade baked goods to meet his own dietary needs led a baker to start a business.

Eulene Mileham, from Eltham, started Eulene’s Cottage Baking about five years ago.

“I specialize in special allergies baking. I have always had allergy issues and moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 2006 increased the issues.

“A family member encouraged me to stop eating gluten-free bread to see if it would help with my lung issues, which I thought was okay to try.

“I saw great relief from my symptoms and as a result I became gluten free. I also found that dairy products affected my lungs. to improve.”

She says that being gluten and dairy free, she struggled to find recipes and cook delicious and satisfying meals.

“So I embarked on a journey to create my own and that’s where my vision and passion for allergen-free cooking began. I also cook sugar-free and keto-free.”

Eulene wanted to share her recipes with others, so in December 2020 she self-published a book.

“I thought other people would like to create tasty treats that meet their dietary needs as well.”

Elene sells her items in the markets, and they are also available at the Taste of Taranaki pop-up in Eltham.

“It’s a great outlet for sharing my baking, and also for other food vendors to share their products. We’re all together in one room. It was interesting to see what Taranaki has, and it has. certainly amazing suppliers with great products. “

â–  A pop-up store in Eltham showcases some of the best Taranaki producers. From honey chocolates, pastries and even hot sauce, there is something for everyone. Over the next two weeks, Stratford Press will profile some of the companies in the pop-up.


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